BAD IDEA: Carbon Tax Could Hurt Canadian Farmers

Despite the slow growth of the Canadian economy, and despite the fact that Canadians are already overtaxed, the Trudeau government is pushing ahead with their plans to ram through a carbon tax across our country.

Now, the head of Cereals Canada – Cam Dahl – is warning about the damage the carbon tax could impose on Canadian Farmers.

Dahl made his comments while speaking to the Senate Agriculture Committee.

According to National Newswatch, Dahl said, “With increased costs and lower income, producers will be forced to consider business and cropping alternatives that may not have the same level of contribution to environment sustainability as modern agricultural practices.”

What Dahl is pointing out is that it costs more to be environmentally sustainable. As a result, a carbon tax could make those environmental measures unaffordable, which would have the ironic effect of making farming less environmentally-friendly.

Talk about unexpected consequences.

Dahl went on to explain that the carbon tax could even put Canada’s trade surplus at risk:

“Canadian grain farmers and exporters face fierce competition around the world. If we look at the Canadian trade surplus in the last quarter, agrifood was one the key reasons why Canada has a trade surplus.  It is a driver of the economy and it is an enormously technological industry that has potential to grow.  It is a driver of the economy.  Growing more barley, pulses, canola and cereal crops will absolutely drive the economy and drive growth.”

Dahl is 100% correct, and his voice needs to be listened to.

In our day-to-day lives it is all too easy to forget that farmers still make our lives and our civilization possible. Without farmers, our economy and our society would not survive.

And yet, the Trudeau government seems all too willing to ignore the voices of farmers, instead listening to the cheap propaganda of “activists” who don’t understand how the economy works.

The government has even failed to recognize the environmental contribution of farmers. As reported by National Newswatch, “Since the carbon policy was announced last fall, farm organizations have been seeking government recognition for the sector’s contribution to carbon emission reductions and its ongoing need for fuel. So far, there has been no acknowledgment of those concerns.”

Dahl pointed out that farmers have reduced the fuel used per tonne of wheat produced by 39% – all without government regulations telling them what to do.

So why should farmers be punished with a new tax when they are already helping improve the environment, not to mention feeding all of us?

Farming is already carbon-neutral

Another individual who spoke to the Senate committee was Phil de Kemp – Executive Director of the Barley Council of Canada. De Kemp notes that more carbon was sequestered by the agricultural sector than was emitted by the sector – meaning farming in Canada can now be considered even better than carbon neutral.

So again, why would Trudeau want to slam farmers with a carbon tax?

It’s not about the environment

Here’s where we get to the real heart of the matter. The government doesn’t care about the environment, they care about the money. Particularly, taxpayers money. The carbon tax is just another excuse to take more money from Canadian workers, consumers, and businesses, all so the government sector can grow larger and more powerful.

The messages from Canadian agricultural producers is yet another example that the carbon tax is a bad idea.

Unfortunately, Trudeau is likely to ignore warnings about the upcoming damage to farmers – and all Canadians – from the misguided carbon tax. He clearly serves an agenda that doesn’t have the best interests of Canada in mind.

Spencer Fernando