Taxpayers REIMBURSED Billionaire Aga Khan For Staffer On Trudeau’s Island Trip

Trudeau ripped over “illegal vacation”

The latest revelation about Justin Trudeau’s trip to the Aga Khan’s private island is nothing short of outrageous.

Trudeau was already in hot water over the fact that his trip almost certainly violated ethics laws, considering MP’s can’t accept trips on private transportation – and Trudeau was flown to the billionaire Aga Khan’s island on the Khan’s own helicopter.

Trudeau also didn’t inform the proper parliamentary officials about his trip, which is also a violation of the rules. As a result, he is now facing two ethics investigations.

Now, it turns out Canadian taxpayers were on the hook for a truly outrageous expense: Reimbursing the Aga Khan for a staffer who made the trip.

Strangely, the staffer was paid a per diem of $100 a day during the trip, but that payment actually went to the Aga Khan.

This is insane.

The Aga Khan is a billionaire, so the idea that even a penny of Canadian taxpayers money went to him is absurd. Also, he is in a position to lobby the government, so there is certainly a potential conflict of interest for him to host a Prime Minister, and then get paid by the same government the PM represents.

What is going on here?

Unlimited contempt for taxpayers

The stories seem to be adding up by the day now, each one showing the unlimited contempt Justin Trudeau has for the tax dollars of Canadians. He seems to have no idea that the government’s money does not belong to him. He throws it around with reckless abandon, giving money to his powerful elitist buddies while Canadians struggle just to get by.

Trudeau was ripped by the opposition in Question Period – though he didn’t actually show up for work today.

NDP Leader Thomas Muclair said, “It has come to light that the Liberal government gave taxpayer money to one of the Prime Minister’s cronies, to cover the costs of a technician on this private island.”

The anger against Trudeau’s arrogance crossed party lines:

“The employee’s per diems were paid out to the Aga Khan, which is of course flying in the face of accountability. Did the employee actually do any work for the taxpayers?” said Conservative MP Tony Clement.

At this point, there can be zero doubt that Trudeau is nothing but a tool of the global elites, and is determined to extract as much wealth from Canadian taxpayers in order to further enrich his powerful buddies. The Cash-For-Access fundraisers he held with billionaires from China, the bailout of Bombardier, and his total failure to stand up for taxpayers, are all part of his agenda to keep Canadian workers and families down.

The “middle class” rhetoric is just that: Empty words.

Both Trudeau and the Aga Khan could have easily reimbursed taxpayers for the full $125,000 cost of his possibly illegal trip. It hasn’t happened.

This shows how backwards things have become.

Canadians are the ones who deserve to get reimbursed, but instead our money goes to a billionaire with their own island.

So long as Trudeau is in power, Canadians taxpayers will continue being treated with contempt.

Spencer Fernando