WATCH: Trudeau Totally Flubs Answer On Protecting Canadians From Terrorism

Even at his best, Justin Trudeau isn’t the most eloquent public speaker.

This wasn’t his best.

Watch as Trudeau “answers” a question about keeping Canadians safe, in the aftermath of the suspected terror attack in Russia.


Perhaps Trudeau was a little distracted thinking of his own weak response to the news that four employees of Pierre Elliot Trudeau airport were radicalized by ISIS.

Or perhaps he was thinking of how he is gutting the Canadian Military, while sending billions of dollars around the world to foreign countries.

Of course, it’s also possible he was thinking about his decision to let China purchase ITF Technologies – despite both CSIS and the Department of National Defence warning against it.

Whatever the case, it’s clear Justin Trudeau is as bad at talking about national security as he is at protecting it.

Spencer Fernando

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Justin has no love; no interest in protecting Canadian and Canada from the ‘acts of terror’ why? take a look below:

The liberal party believes that terrorists should get to keep their canadian citizenship………


This stuttering fool needs to step down NOW !


I agree he needs to step down now




No wonder he wants to avoid question period. Surely he knows what a horses ass he is.


Safe! “If I say that word enough people will respect me and my part time drama teacher in community collage credentials.” What a list of safe spaces! Well, only 38 % of voting Canadians voted for this useful idiot. Safe to say they are now safe.

Misty OConnor

I totally agree this useless idiot has to go NOW.