BIG MISTAKE: Patrick Brown Should End His Carbon Tax Support

Ontario is suffering under a government obsessed with expanding the power of the state and pushing political correctness.

To right the ship, the province will need to go in another direction, a direction that lowers energy bills, makes life more affordable, and focuses on solving real problems.

Patrick Brown and the Ontario PC Party are by far the best positioned to do that, but there is something that could stand in the way: Patrick Brown’s support for a carbon tax.

In early March, the PC Leader told PC delegates, “Climate change is a fact. It is a threat. It is man-made. We have to do something about it, and that something includes putting a price on carbon.”

Brown’s support for a carbon tax was poorly received, and caught many off guard.

While Brown claimed his plan would be so much different than the Liberal plan by being revenue neutral, taxpayers know better than to trust anything a politician says about taxes.

Revenue neutral doesn’t mean what politicians want people to think it means. Instead of consumers feeling no impact, everyone will still get higher taxes, and most will never get an equal amount of money back. Additionally, prices on everything will go up, which would not be accounted for in any reimbursement payments to consumers.

A new tax – whatever it is called – is nothing but a new way to take more of what people have earned and put it in the hands of politicians. It’s certainly not a small-government position, and it’s not the path towards growing the economy and reducing the financial burden of Ontario’s taxpayers.

In fact, by pushing for a carbon tax, Patrick Brown is taking the same position as Justin Trudeau, which is a big mistake. While Brown is trying to say that a carbon tax is vastly different than the cap and trade plan imposed by Kathleen Wynne, he seems to forget that the architects of the Ontario Liberal’s disastrous environmental policies now work for Trudeau in Ottawa. So why would he want to go down that road, when we can see how badly it is failing?

Ontarians – like all Canadians – are tired of being told that the only way we can protect the environment involves taxpayers getting ripped off by new taxes. It shows the laziness of our politicians, who rather than coming up with any innovative or creative solutions, just use the power of the state to extract more of our money.

By supporting a carbon tax, Patrick Brown is heading down the same ideological path as Justin Trudeau and Kathleen Wynne, even as he is asking voters to reject that type of thinking.

Rather than make the case for limited-government and respect for individual and community decision making, Brown is choosing to take the politically correct route by pushing the idea that the only solution to environmental challenges are new taxes that will hurt people across the province.

Just yesterday, I wrote about Canadian agricultural producers who are saying the national carbon tax will hurt farmers, and even make farming less environmentally-friendly because of increased costs, not to mention severely damage our competitiveness.

They criticized the fact that the Trudeau government wasn’t recognizing the incredible work Canadian farmers have already done to make their operations better for the environment. By supporting a carbon tax, Patrick Brown would be ignoring them as well.

Patrick Brown should be supporting taxpayers, not the elites

Carbon taxes are simply the latest strategy by the elites to force us to give more money to the government. It’s not about helping the environment, it’s about making the government bigger and more powerful.

Patrick Brown needs to recognize that.

Brown and the PC Party are still the only fiscally responsible choice in Ontario, and the province would be far better off in their hands than under the failed Kathleen Wynne government.

With that in mind, Patrick Brown has an opportunity to correct a big mistake before that mistake turns into harmful legislation. That’s why Patrick Brown should end his support for a carbon tax. He needs to stand up for taxpayers, not the elites.

Spencer Fernando

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