PROPAGANDA: Trudeau Minister Uses Taxpayer Money For Partisan Message

Ad breaks rules on taxpayer-funded government messaging

Federal Environment Minister Catherine McKenna is being criticized for pushing a partisan message about the budget in a taxpayer-funded video.

In the video, McKenna can be seen talking about the 2017 Budget, and all the supposed “good jobs,” it will create, despite the failure of previous Trudeau budgets to help the economy.

Unfortunately for McKenna, the ad violates a rule that states no MP or Minister can appear in taxpayer-funded government ads, and also violates a rule that blocks the government from advertising spending plans that have not actually passed through Parliament – such as the 2017 Budget.

Here is the ad you paid for:

McKenna was previously under fire for photo costs

This isn’t the first time McKenna has been in hot water for poor use of taxpayer money.

In 2016, CTV reported that McKenna’s department spent a whopping $6,700 for one photographer for one event alone – a climate conference in Paris. That absurd cost was paid for by Canadian taxpayers, and the photographers only job was to take photos of McKenna and her staff.

Total waste.

Trudeau’s attitude filters down

Justin Trudeau has set the tone from the top, and that tone is to show zero respect for the money taken from Canadian taxpayers. McKenna is simply following in Trudeau’s footsteps, putting the needs of her party ahead of the duty government has to spend taxpayers money wisely.

We can’t let stories like this pass by without making our voices heard loud and clear. Spread the word to those you know that this is what the Trudeau government thinks they can get away with. They think they can waste our money and use it for their own selfish pursuits.

Let’s prove them wrong.

Spencer Fernando

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