Little Potato In The Big Apple: Trudeau Visits New York Again

And we’re paying for it.

When he’s not busy raising our taxes and eroding our freedom of speech, Justin Trudeau (AKA “Little Potato”), loves to travel on the taxpayer’s dime.

His latest trip is to New York City, where he will once again be hobnobbing with the elites.

Trudeau will be visiting with the CEO of YouTube, the head of the United Nations, and high-powered media mogul Tina Brown.

Definitely a middle class crowd!

It’s also Trudeau’s fourth trip to the United States in 2017 alone.

Trudeau trip trouble

Trudeau has gotten in trouble over some other overseas trips, including his visit to the billionaire Aga Khan’s island – now under two separate ethics investigations.

Trudeau clearly seems to prefer being outside of Canada, which goes well with his preference for supporting foreign interests over the Canadian people.

Of course, we pay for all of Trudeau’s travel out of our tax dollars, all so he can get some nice selfies that lead to more retweets.

What happened to video-conferencing?

Video-conferencing technology is better than ever. Why doesn’t Trudeau use┬áthat more often, rather than racking up more taxpayer expenses?

Well, if that happened, Trudeau wouldn’t get his precious photo-ops, and we can’t have that.

So once again, Canadians are on the hook for boosting Trudeau’s image.

Spencer Fernando

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Cheryl Turner

Probably meeting with you-tube executives to follow suit with merkel to ban all speech!! Afterall he knows whats best for Canadians…pffft

karen Grant

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Thinking he didn’t want to talk with Brian Malrony today. Found something else to do at our expense again..He needs a good slap on the head..


Actually, He’s got Mulroney to take care of NAFTA on his behalf because he hasn’t a clue what to do about it. Nor do his cabinet. None of them are qualified to run a kindergarten. Ironically, Mulroney is a Conservative. Imagine that…….. the Liberal PM of Canada has to rely on a Conservative to get the job done.