Violence In Venezuela As People Rebel Against Socialist Regime

As Venezuela’s socialist regime pushes the nation further and further toward total collapse, supporters of the opposition are increasingly taking to the streets to voice their anger.

Venezuela’s incompetent socialist politicians have been constantly tightening controls over the economy, which has predictably led to an escalating economic crisis.

Despite having among the largest oil reserves on Earth, Venezuela is running low on food, medicine, and even toilet paper. That’s socialism for you.

The latest demonstrations are related not only to the ongoing economic and social crisis, but a Supreme Court decision recently that took power from the opposition controlled legislature.

The decision left Venezuelan Dictator Nicolas Maduro unchallenged, and though it was quickly overturned, the fact that the Venezuelan regime attempted such a naked power-grab has led to a new level of outrage among the Venezuelan populace.

According to Reuters, protestors chanted “Out with Maduro,” along with “No more dictatorship.”

After regime forces stopped the march, clashes began. After the clash ended and the crowd dissipated, there were calls for a new march.

Tensions are expected to continue increasing, as the economic crisis shows no sign of getting any better.

Socialism and freedom are not compatible

The long-term decline of Venezuela is yet further proof that socialism and freedom are incompatible. The government measures needed to control people’s economic lives end up leading to increasing anti-government sentiment. If the government is unwilling to increase economic freedom, they respond to that sentiment with threats, coercion, and even outright force.

That is the end result of all socialist regimes, and it is a warning to all of us that if we give up our economic freedom, our personal and political freedom will soon be lost.

Economic and political liberty must be defended at all costs.

Spencer Fernando

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