LESS FOR CANADA: Trudeau Sending Nearly $1 Billion To Syria

As if Canada’s massive foreign aid budget wasn’t already big enough, Justin Trudeau is taking more taxpayer money and giving it away outside our country.

As reported by CIJ News, Trudeau has announced $840 million in new foreign aid in Syria.

This is on top of $1.6 billion Trudeau has already pledged to Iraq, Syria, Jordan and Lebanon.

The new aid is reportedly in response to the recent chemical weapons attack in the country.

But take a moment to think about that: Why should Canadian taxpayers be on the hook for nearly $1 billion more because of what happened in Syria? If we give money away every time there is a tragedy, there’s no shortage of tragedies happening every day in Canada that our government should be focused on.

As I recently wrote, it is immoral for our government to be taking taxpayer money and giving it away to other countries. Foreign aid should be a voluntary choice of individuals and organizations, not forced upon us by government.

Unfortunately, Trudeau sees things differently. His focus is not on serving Canadians, but on garnering international attention and praise. He knows he will get worldwide media coverage every time he gives away more taxpayers money to foreign causes, and he knows the elitist establishment media will just roll over instead of calling him out for giving away our hard-earned money.

Canada has serious problems at home, not to mention massive budget deficits and a rapidly growing debt. We can’t afford to keep giving money away around the world while so many of our people are struggling.

Canada needs leaders with the guts to challenge the status quo on foreign aid, and put the interests of the Canadian people first.

Spencer Fernando