TERROR IN SWEDEN: At Least 3 Dead After Truck Slams Into Crowd

“Sweden has been attacked.”

At least three people are dead and several injured after a truck drove into a crowd in Stockholm Sweden. The Swedish government is calling the killings a terrorist attack.

A large beer truck was reportedly stolen, and then used in an ISIS style attack on innocent people at a shopping mall.

ISIS has encouraged terrorists around the world to use vehicles in attacks, and the world has witnessed similar events in France, Germany, the United States, and most recently the United Kingdom.

Authorities confirm 3 people are dead, though some reports have said as many as 5 were killed in the terror attack.

The Swedish beer producer Spendrups had reported one of their trucks missing after it was carjacked earlier in the day. That same truck was used in the attack.

Bodies could be seen strewn along the path of the truck, with trails of blood and debris marking the horrific scene.

Photo of Sweden terror suspect

A photo of a suspect in the Sweden terror attack has been released:

Sweden Terror Suspect

Graphic Warning: Images of Sweden Terror attack

WATCH: Swedish Prime Minister Stefan Lofven speaks after terror attack

Pedestrians flee the scene

The West must wake up

The Western world needs to wake up. We must not let terrorism become an accepted part of our lives. We must not let our “leaders” put political correctness ahead of keeping us safe.

The threat of radical Islamism must be acknowledged, confronted, and defeated. The survival of our society and way of life depends on it.

Spencer Fernando

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