TOUGH TRUTH: We Can’t Negotiate With Barbarians

In the wake of more radical Islamist terror, political correctness puts us at risk.

After yet another terror attack, the old cycle continues. Thoughts and prayers are shared with the victims, people mourn, leaders say, “we aren’t afraid,” and “this won’t change us,” and then everything goes back to normal until the next attack takes place.

This cycle is somewhat understandable, since people want to feel that everything will be okay and can return to normal. Unfortunately, by refusing to move beyond the same pattern of responding to attacks, we only stop ourselves from dealing with the problem.

Among the elites, there is a particularly strange set of responses that involves a willful effort to blame everything except the ideology of extremist Islamism.

People talk about “poverty,” “alienation,” “racism,” “foreign policy,” and everything else, except the ideology that actually motivates the attacks.

This will never help make us more secure, because it avoids a singular truth:

We can’t negotiate with barbarians.

To be certain, I’m not using that term to refer to all individuals who adhere to the Islamic faith. But when it comes to ISIS, those who support ISIS, and those imams who are making horrendous statements – even here in Canada – the term barbaric is entirely appropriate.

Of course, our politically correct leaders like Justin Trudeau are trying to erode our freedom of speech, and slander every criticism of Islam – especially criticism mentioning barbarism or radical Islamism – as “Islamophobia.”

Not only does that silence the voices of those speaking out against terrorism, but it also silences the voices of Muslims advocating for reform within Islam. After all, does anyone doubt that those being butchered by ISIS in Iraq think “barbaric,” is the right term to use?

And yet, our foolish “leaders” are more worried about not hurting people’s feelings than with keeping us safe or confronting a real problem. Their weakness prevents us from addressing reality as it is.

After all, what other term so accurately describes those who support stoning women to death, throwing gay people off buildings, and executing people who change their religion?

What other term so well explains the consequences of the application of Sharia Law in many parts of our world, where women are turned into slaves and abusive behavior becomes codified into law?

The term may be tough, but that’s exactly the point: We must be accurate in how we describe things so we can have clarity.

And once we describe this barbarism accurately, we can see that terror attacks are not the fault of western countries, they are the responsibility of those who carry them out.

Someone who is motivated by an ideology that wants to destroy all that Western civilization has built is not someone who can be negotiated with or persuaded. Those willing to travel across the world to execute and behead innocent men, women, and even children, are not individuals we can negotiate or reason with.

The politically correct elites refuse to see this. In fact, Sweden – the most recent victim of radical Islamism – did everything possible to “avoid” terrorist attacks from the politically correct point of view, and they still get attacked.

Consider the following tweet:

Andrew Neil makes the point perfectly. So, if Sweden got attacked anyway, how can the Western world be the problem here?

What the elites fail to realize is that blaming the West only weakens our resolve to keep our people safe. The elites want us to feel some sick sense of guilt and responsibility for things we have nothing to do with. They also can’t explain why ISIS and their supporters are killing people around the world, not just in the West. Again, if the West was the problem, why are these attacks happening not just happening here?

The elites ignorance and naivety is not only foolish, but it puts us at risk. Consider what was reported by the Daily Express before the Sweden attack. Sweden’s Culture and Democracy Minister actually said municipalities had a responsibility to “integrate” Swedish citizens who left Sweden to fight for ISIS and then wanted to return.

Here is what she said: “First of all if there are suspicions of crimes, they need to be investigated. And any such crimes should be punished. But after that we need structures locally, such as social services, around our country to integrate them back into our democratic society.”

That is pure insanity.

If there are suspicions of crimes?

How is fighting for ISIS itself not the crime?

It is crazy to think those who would fight for ISIS – the most evil organization in the world today – could be “reintegrated.”

Instead, the common sense move is to simply ban anyone who leaves to fight for ISIS from ever returning. If they want to go and fight in Syria or Iraq, they can stay there. They have no place in our society.

But you won’t hear commons sense from our political leaders. Instead, they’ll repeat the same old politically correct garbage, and the cycle will continue to repeat itself.

The truth is clear: Our leaders must stop trying to negotiate with barbarians, and they must stop thinking they can be appeased in anyway.

Until that happens, all of us are at risk.

Spencer Fernando