KIM ‘UN’ NOTICE: US Sends Carrier Strike Group Toward North Korea

In a move that will certainly grab the attention of dictator Kim Jong Un, the United States has sent the Carl Vinson Carrier Strike group closer to North Korea.

Admiral Harry Harris gave the order, which will raise tensions even further between the United States, North Korea, and other nations in the region.

The move comes shortly after US President Donald Trump launched a Tomahawk missile strike on Bashar al-Assad’s regime in Syria.

Some have interpreted that strike as a message to North Korea – who have so far not responded to either economic or diplomatic pressure to stop their nuclear program.

Tensions are now higher between North Korea and the United States than they have been in a long time. Trump has openly stated the US is prepared to take action against North Korea, even without China’s involvement.

Meanwhile, Japan is seeking constitutional amendments that will allow them to use preemptive military force, which is clearly related to their concerns about North Korea’s growing belligerence, and the growing range of North Korea’s missiles.

America is running out of patience

While visiting South Korea recently, US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson said, “the policy of strategic patience [towards North Korea] has ended.”

Moving a carrier battle group towards the region is a sign America is increasingly considering using the military option to deal with the communist North Korean regime.

Included in the Carl Vinson Carrier Strike group is the Carl Vinson Nimitz-class aircraft carrier & accompanying aircraft, a guided missile cruiser, and two guided missile destroyers. The same group has taken part in military war games with both the Japanese and South Korean Navy – exercises that are often seen as preparation for action against North Korea.

Time will tell whether this move is part of a negotiation strategy, or the prelude to full-out armed conflict.

Spencer Fernando