RIGHTEOUS ANGER: Canadians Won’t Forgive & Forget Bombardier’s Corrupt Bonuses

If Bombardier was hoping their weak plan to “delay” their disgusting bonuses until 2020 would calm the anger of Canadians, their hopes have been thoroughly dashed.

Canadians are not in the mood to forgive and forget Bombardier’s corrupt elitism.

After all, Bombardier was given $372.5 million of our money by their elitist servant Justin Trudeau, while they were gifting themselves massive bonuses.

That’s not something that can be ignored or let go.

As the anger continues to rise, Quebec’s Liberal Premier Philippe Couillard – who also gave Bombardier billions in taxpayer money – is hearing about it too. Protestors recently threw paper airplanes in front of his office in Montreal and held up signs denouncing Bombardier’s bailout bonuses.

As reported by the Canadian Press, one protestor said, “It’s our money, and the government is laughing at us. If we don’t come out in the streets, they’ll continue to exploit us like they’re doing now.”

This is a great point. The elites expect Canadians not to speak up – whether on the streets or online – since they’ve gotten away with so much before. That’s why we must send a clear and unmistakable message that we won’t stand for corporate executives begging for our money and then using it to enrich themselves.

Fire Bombardier’s executives, or make them work for a dollar

The federal government has not yet given Bombardier all the money they so foolishly promised. However, that means they still have important leverage. Instead of doing what Trudeau has done so far – acting like a spineless fool – the government needs to toughen up and actually extract a good deal for the taxpayers.

New conditions must be put on any bailout, including demanding that all the top Bombardier execs work for $1 a year until all the money is paid back. If they can’t do that, then they need to be fired and replaced with people who can actually respect taxpayers. And if Bombardier doesn’t like those terms, they can just make do like the rest of us – without gigantic taxpayer bailouts.

Enough is enough. We taxpayers are already overburdened, and we shouldn’t be subsidizing a corporation owned by a billionaire family.

If Bombardier continues showing contempt for the taxpayers who are keeping them alive, they can try surviving without our money.

Spencer Fernando