BAILOUT BETRAYAL: Bombardier Outsourced Jobs To Mexico & China While Seeking Taxpayer Money

After it was discovered that Bombardier was giving out massive bonuses while seeking a bailout from Canadian taxpayers, outrage against the company and the Trudeau government has continued to rise.

The sheer arrogance and elitism demonstrated by both Trudeau (who called it a “free market” decision), and the Bombardier executives who expect to be rewarded for failure, has caused Canadians to reflect on how much contempt the elites show for our money, and look more closely at the company.

As I was doing some research on Bombardier, I noticed this interesting bit of information – which mostly flew under the radar at the time.

While seeking a bailout in 2016, Bombardier announced that they were cutting 200 jobs in Canada, and outsourcing them to Mexico and China.

This is an absolute disgrace.

The arrogance of Bombardier’s executives seems to know no bounds. At the same time they were begging for taxpayer cash, they were planning to take jobs away from Canadians.

The jobs they sought to outsource were manufacturing positions assembling the wings for the Q400. And while employees tried fighting the measure, Bombardier ended up getting away with it.

Bombardier says they offered some training and transfer options for the displaced employees, while others were given retirement packages. Even if that’s the case, it doesn’t justify shipping jobs to China and Mexico while taking tax money from Canadians.

Endless impunity

The actions of the Bombardier executives show that they act with a sense of endless impunity. They pay themselves gigantic bonuses as they ask for our money. They say they needed to be rewarded for “performance” despite losing billions for their company. And to top it all off, they outsource Canadian jobs.

And all the while, Justin Trudeau goes around giving up our money to Bombardier, without any conditions on protecting Canadian jobs.


Trudeau had a chance to show he stood with taxpayers. To nobody’s surprise, he stood with the corporate elites instead.

Canada deserves better.

Spencer Fernando

Contact your MP and let them know how you feel about the Bombardier bailout.

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Christine Gill

This is sickening. Trudeau us a two-faced crook. He must have known about this all along before he got into power.
Most unethical business practices. Keep an eye on this parson. He needs to be put in jail. He does not have a conscience at all. Making himself rich with clandestine deals.


Totally Agree ! He is Canada’s Biggest Traitor !


Soy but Turdeau is so transparent! He promised real change!!!

George H. Armstrong

So what you are saying is that Canadian Taxpayers have been on the hook for building Bombardier into the giant which it is, keeping it in business for decades, subsidizing the development of the new technology in this place….. and now we are GIVING this technology to China — who WILL copy it — getting rid of technical positions in Canada, sending the money to China to BUILD the parts and so employing aircraft workers THERE. China is the largest user of industrial espionage in the world: bigger than Russia by far, bigger than Israel by far, but with situations… Read more »


Trudeau is dangerous!

Christina Mostowich

So in other words, “WE” the tax payer essentially Owen this company. Let’s take back our company! It seems to me since facebook evolved, it has become a great place to complain and become complacent. We as a country need to get radical and stand up for our rights and what we belive in. I works for the imagrants.