SNUB: Trudeau Didn’t Invite Ambrose Or Mulcair To Vimy Ridge Commemoration

Of all the occasions that should be non-partisan, the 100th Anniversary of the Battle of Vimy Ridge is at the top of the list.

It was a moment where all Canadians came together to honour the battle that helped forge our nation.

Unfortunately, it appears that the Trudeau government allowed partisanship to creep into the commemoration invites.

At historic events such as the Vimy Ridge Anniversary, it is expected that a national leader will invite the leaders of the main opposition parties. In this case, that would mean Justin Trudeau’s government inviting Rona Ambrose and Tom Muclair to attend the Vimy celebrations.

That’s not what happened for the Vimy Anniversary.

Both Ambrose and Muclair say they didn’t receive an invite from Trudeau to attend the ceremony.

The PMO is trying to cover up their disrespectful snub by saying invites were given to both opposition parties to send a representative. While the Conservatives and NDP did send MP’s as part of Canada’s delegation, the refusal to directly invite the most prominent members of the opposition parties flies in the face of how things have been done previously.

As CTV reported, both opposition members were invited to the Paris climate summit and the funeral of Israeli President Shimon Peres. And we all remember the respect Stephen Harper showed for Jack Layton by granting his family a state funeral – even though protocol did not require him to.

By not inviting Ambrose and Mulcair, Trudeau showed a pettiness and a lack of respect – not just for his opponents – but for all that Canada represents.

Conservative MP and leadership contender Lisa Raitt summed it up well:

Justin Trudeau took a moment that is about our country and the brave souls who served, and snubbed his opponents to get extra attention.


Spencer Fernando

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Patricia Marshall

I expect nothing from JT, he is as bad as his father. Has no respect for anyone but himself.


If anyone SHOULDN’T be there, it’s Trudeau.
He hates the military. Hates war even if it’s necessary. He hates Canada because the English beat the French at the Plains of Abraham battle for Canada. He still says Canada belongs to Quebec. AND he’s trying to hand Canada over to the UN One World Order.
He’s a traitor who is, in my estimation, placing Canada at serious risk of being taken over by the moneyed elites of the One World Order. That’s treason, is it not?


He is failing and he knows it.


He should have listened to Mr. Harper. He kept telling him he wasn’t ready.

Rick Churchill

He would not want an actual patriot to be with him who really does care about our military and their sacrifices.

Jean Paul

That’s an insult to the thousand of veteran who are represented by NDP, Conservatives Representatives, sad!


NDP is against Canada they voted for M 103! They will ruin our country just like the Liberals have!

General P. Malaise

Justine never fails to highlight the depravity of progressives.


Oh well, at least he didn’t wear his father’s WW1 German Army helmet at the memorial.


I agree, but he still manages embarrass Canada!

Margaret Odishaw

He doesn’t know what it means to honour the many men and women of the military.Still looking for the cameras as he waved…no class!


Why is this boy our PM? Well I hope all you Liberal Canadians are happy with the direction this Crime Minister is taking our country. We are stuck with this liar and traitor for two more years and if we are lucky the country will still be standing and not bankrupt.


I fully agree with you Sandy. We urgently need a petition to remove this stupid boy from office before all is lost!


Well said! I like that crime Minister Lol!

Brad Pattison

The Libs think and have always thought that they are the only party in Canada.This is why the flag bares only their colour.


Trudeau doesn’t know there is an opposition. And really……….it’s sort of true.


Didn’t invite them? That’s doing Ambrose and Mulcair a favour.

Donald J. Harrison

What really happened is Justin thought about asking Ambrose and Mulcair but then thought…what would my father Fidel do and he decided not to invite them.