DECEPTION: Trudeau Caught In Two Lies About Aga Khan Trip

Government attempted to deceive Canadians on cost of trip, reason for private helicopter

Justin Trudeau’s trip to the billionaire Aga Khan’s island keeps causing him trouble.

When the Trudeau government told Parliament the full cost of the trip was over $127,000, Canadians were outraged.

Now, it turns out the Trudeau government was lying.

The trip cost even more.

It is being reported that the Trudeau government neglected to mention $6,695 spent on flying a “Privy Council Office Technician” to the Aga Khan’s private island. The flight also included 400 pounds of “equipment.”

Here’s where it gets really interesting:

The technician was flown in on a seaplane, which seems normal until you consider that Justin Trudeau said he used the Aga Khan’s private helicopter (in violation of ethics rules), because there wasn’t any other way to get to the island.

This is what Trudeau said at the time:

“The fact is, as I have said many times, the Aga Khan is a personal family friend and travel to and from the island only happens through private means.”

That’s the likely reason Trudeau lied about the full cost of the trip. Admitting the technician was flown in on a seaplane destroys the rationale for Trudeau breaking ethics rules (which he now faces two investigations for doing).

So that’s two lies. A lie about why he used the helicopter, and a lie about how much the trip cost Canadian taxpayers.

Conflict of interest

It’s essential to remember that while Trudeau tries to pass the Aga Khan off as a “family friend,” the Aga Khan Foundation has received millions of taxpayer dollars, and it is a registered lobbying organization.

This presents a clear conflict of interest, and shows Trudeau’s willingness to violate the rules he expects the rest of us to follow.

His willingness to lie to Parliament and all Canadians also shows his arrogance, his belief that we aren’t owed the truth, and that he can get away with whatever he wants.

That’s why we need to send him a clear message in the next election, by ensuring he is massively defeated. Arrogance, elitism, and corruption must be stopped, and our government must be returned to those who actually serve the Canadian people.

Spencer Fernando

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this guy needs to be removed from his p.m. position ,he is a liar and ,his conflict of interest is easy to see why he is sneaking around .its time the govern general steps in and rectifies this situation ,he is not loyal to canada .


AND, to add insult to misery, he’s got a whole different view of what Canada’s future will be as compared to what Canadians see their future to be.
THAT TOO is a conflict of interest.
What HE wants and what WE want are WAY OUT OF SYNC.

Cris Rottmann

I absolutely agree! I love Canada! Trudeau’s vision is to destroy and tax us to death! He needs to resign! His sunny ways, are turning Canada into a dark hole!


He is only loyal to his own agenda!

Mel C

It just slays me that Trudeau will send money to Syria he has given away and spent our tax dollars on himself when he could have paved and repaired our roads and hi ways.

Marie Racine

Why isn ‘t it mentioned that he also brought members of his cabinet with him. – that sounds the fishiest of all to me


He should be kicked out as PM, he is so corrupt and arrogant, he could care less about Canada. More concerned about filling his own coffers.

marie france

= Breach of trust through deception – I think his smoking POT has and is damaging brain cells – Cannot navigate our great Country safely !!!Lacks integrity as a moral compass !

Brad Pattison

The Libs live on lies and the Ottawa prancer has had a lifetime to hone his craft.


Justin, the times have changed. Maybe you were groomed and lied to concerning a prime minister being able to do what he wants. Maybe at the time pierre elliot was prime minister, they could basically do a lot and no one knew but times have changed. Prime minister is a public servant. You are elected, you have a job to do. Prime minister is not owner of a country, it s not king of a kingdom, it is public servant, employee of people of canada! Elected and paid by public funds taken from the pockets of people of canada.