WATCH: Trudeau Can’t Defend Aga Khan Trip Lie

No wonder he doesn’t want to show up in Question Period

In the House of Commons, Justin Trudeau was confronted for lying about the reason for his use of a private helicopter while visiting the Aga Khan’s private island.

Trudeau tries to pass it off as a private trip, but Rona Ambrose doesn’t let him off the hook so easily. In the end, he’s left sputtering off the same talking points over and over again. Watch the exchange below:

Terrible. He didn’t go blank for 10 seconds, but he didn’t say much of substance either. Considering this weak performance, it’s no wonder Trudeau is trying to silence the opposition and cut the amount of time he spends in Question Period.

He certainly has much to answer for.

As I recently reported, Trudeau has been caught in two lies about the Aga Khan billionaire island trip. He lied about the cost, and as we see in the video above, he lied about needing to take the private helicopter.

He faces two ethics investigations over his actions, and the trip is feeding into the growing nation-wide awareness of Trudeau’s elitism and arrogance.

That’s why the opposition is doing the right thing by keeping the pressure on. They can’t let up. Trudeau must be held accountable for his contempt for Canadian taxpayers.

Spencer Fernando