HALF Of Recent Illegal Border Crossers Are Criminals: CBSA

The consequences of Trudeau’s globalist ideology are adding up

Justin Trudeau’s foolish and reckless tweet “welcoming” everyone to Canada is having real consequences.

Canadians are being put at risk, including our border guards.

Now, the Canada Border Services Agency Union says HALF of recent illegal border crossers have serious criminal records.

Border Officers at risk

According to a recent report, border officers are increasingly concerned about safety as more illegal “asylum-seekers” enter the country.

As one officer told the media“The officers in Emerson have noticed over the past few weeks, around 50 per cent of asylum seekers have a serious criminality record.”

This is crazy.

Trudeau’s welcome mat has turned Canada into a country criminals think they can enter with ease.

That is very dangerous for our country.

Trudeau government gags officers

The Trudeau government is hiding the truth from Canadians. They have implemented a gag-order, blocking authorities from commenting more than once per month on what is happening at the border.

This is sickening.

It’s our border, and our country. It belongs to the Canadian people, not just Trudeau and his crony cabinet.

Not only is Trudeau leaving our border completely unprotected, but he is letting criminals enter our country, and then trying to hide it from us.

His arrogance and deception is putting Canadians at risk.

As if we needed any more evidence, this confirms beyond any doubt that Justin Trudeau is not working for the Canadian people.

His agenda is not about keeping Canada safe, and he has no interest in protecting the Canadian people, or the brave men and women on the border who are doing their best despite being abandoned by the Trudeau government.

Trudeau protected from the consequences of his policies

While all of this happens, Justin Trudeau gets to travel around the world surrounded by security wherever he goes.

He doesn’t face any risk from letting a flood of criminals into our country, and he soaks up the international attention that he gets from the foolish globalist elites who are eager to sell out their countries at every opportunity.

And if Trudeau’s weakness wasn’t evident enough, he has been ignoring requests from the CBSA union for more staff and more authority. A real leader would listen to those on the ground and give them what they need. Instead, Trudeau is doing nothing.

Rather than keep Canada safe, Trudeau’s only priority is boosting his global image.


Spencer Fernando

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Trudeau shows, he does not care for,the safety of the Canadian citizens ! He should be impeached immediately, for lying when he swore to the oath of office! He is truly incompetent as PM!


We don’t have impeachment as a tool in Canada.

Grahame Rothery

Trudeau is more dangerous to Canada than Muhammad himself. Never in 150 years has a Canadian done more to destroy our country and our values.

[…] Illegal border crossers are streaming into Canada, and disturbing new reports show half of them have criminal records. […]

Duane Dennis

He should step down or be tossed out as he does not care about the people of this country all he is worried about is how he and the rest of his pupets and how letting in foreigners that just want to ruin our country. Trudeau is an ass just like his old man was and he’s proving that asses seem to be more interested in doing nothing to stop the illegals coming in from the south until it’s to late.send them home or back to the us and take your cousin Trudeau with you.

Tracey Sandilands

You spout such sensationalist rubbish! Even if the number (half) were true, which I doubt, your other statements are just not. a) Our borders are NOT unprotected, that’s why CBSA arrests everyone who comes over initially. b) the “gag” order, if it truly exists and isn’t a figment of your overactive imagination, is likely to prevent idiots like you from creating drama and panic by speculating and giving out false information. c) where does ANYBODY get it that Trudeau doesn’t care about the people of this country – do you really think anyone would want this thankless job unless he… Read more »

Fred Wayte

You commented????

Well, I for one am pretty certain the one of the commentators is a moron as it takes one to defend one.


100% of them are criminals… hence the term “illegal immigrants”! Let’s call it what it is…

jack grandville

Another great one, Spencer — and, unfortunately, all too true. To comment on a song from ‘way back: “And the band plays on.” — same old, same old — like daddy, like son. One could go on and on, but to no avail. We NEED, above all else, a cohesive and clear political philosophy that will attract those who still think for themselves. And we need leaders at all levels of the philosophy to perpetuate it across the country. In today’s world of ‘communication’ one vital thing is missing — and we saw this with Andrew Scheer’s verbal presentation at… Read more »

Roger Rondeau

Spencer, this is a generic post that tells nothing of what is really happening. Explain what are the criminal acts of these migrants If a migrant applicant was shown to be criminal, then they would automatically be put aside for deportation. This does not make sense!