HORRIFIC: Mob In Pakistan Kills Student Over “Blasphemy” On Social Media

In mid March, I reported on efforts by the Pakistan government to make Facebook & Twitter ban “blasphemous” content.

The government wanted the user information of people who made posts the government didn’t approve of.

At the time, Pakistan’s Interior Minister Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan said “no Muslim can tolerate blasphemy against prophet muhammad, adding that offenders could not be caught without the assistance of social media networks.”

Unfortunately, that disturbing authoritarian thinking extends beyond the Pakistan government.

A horrific example of the absolute lack of free speech and human rights in Pakistan was shown to the world in the horrendous killing of an innocent university student.

The student was beaten to death by a mob for the “crime” of “blasphemy.”

Mashal Khan was attacked by a mob on his university campus, stripped naked, and then beaten to death with planks.

Khan was known as a student who questioned things, including Islam. Said one of his teachers (anonymously of course) “Whatever he had to say, he would say it openly, but he didn’t understand the environment he was living in.”

This is a horrendous incident, and a terrible reminder that the western principles of individual liberty and free speech are not as universally shared as the foolish elites like to think.

It’s also a reminder that government restrictions on free speech in the name of “political correctness,” “Islamophobia,” or “blasphemy,” can have severe consequences for society.

That’s why we must stand against any politicians who try to take away our rights. We must always remain a country where all ideas are open to debate and criticism.

Spencer Fernando