Trudeau Is Disloyal To Canada

Justin Trudeau sees nothing wrong with betraying Canadians

Every national leader faces a choice.

They can choose to be loyal to their country and those who they were elected to serve. Or, they can choose to be loyal to powerful global interests by putting the needs of foreign governments and foreign corporations first.

Justin Trudeau has clearly chosen the latter.

The evidence is far too numerous for anyone to deny. From cash-for-access fundraisers with foreign billionaires, ignoring the advice of security experts to let China buy militarily-sensitive ITF Technologies, tweeting a message that has caused a flood of migrants (including many with criminal records), weakening our military, abandoning our Veterans, giving billions to foreign countries while neglecting issues at home, gutting accountability, restricting opposition, eroding freedom of expression, and much more – Trudeau has shown beyond any doubt that he has zero loyalty to Canada.

We now face the disturbing situation where we can’t have any faith in our Prime Minister, and thus can’t have any faith in his government.

The way political parties are structured today, leaders are basically dictators who face elections once every four years.

So, even if there are some government MP’s who have concerns about Trudeau’s deep disloyalty to Canada, there’s little they can do unless they are willing to sit as an independent or join the opposition – which they should.

Some will find it hard to believe that a Canadian Prime Minister could have no loyalty to Canada. But consider Justin Trudeau’s statements where he expressed support for dictatorships, and the consider the actions I mentioned above. Are those the statements and actions of someone who loves the idea of a free nation?

Would someone who loves Canada restore the citizenship of terrorists who wanted to brutally murder Canadians in cold blood?

This is far more than a political disagreement. People in different political parties can still be loyal to their country. But Trudeau shows more than partisanship. He simply does not see his job as serving Canadians.

Remember, Trudeau lived his life surrounded by globalist elites. As a result, he connects naturally with wealthy international politicians, bankers, executives, and elitist media institutions. He is totally disconnected from the lives of the vast majority of people.

Trudeau’s loyalty is to his fellow elites – as we have seen by his inability to offer any criticism of Bombardier’s contempt for taxpayers, and his silence when Canadian banks were caught ripping off customers.

Trudeau is also all too willing to empower the United Nations at our expense, and he seems afraid of any strong pro-Canadian message.

He has said he wants Canada to be the first “Post-National State,” pointing to his desire to eliminate any sense of a shared Canadian identity – which would make it easier for us to be dominated by foreign powers.

It all adds up to a clear picture: Justin Trudeau is not loyal to Canada. He has acted in ways that damage and weaken our national strength and national sovereignty.

This puts our future at grave risk. By population, Canada is still a relatively small country. And yet, we are abundant in resources and land. This puts a big target on our back, and makes us vulnerable to unscrupulous forces that would seek to take advantage of us.

A strong, pro-Canada leadership and attitude is necessary to ensure our future is safe and secure. The core of that leadership must be a sense of loyalty to Canada and Canadian citizenship above all else. We need a leader who understands what Trudeau does not: There’s no job called “Prime Minister of the world.” It’s about being Prime Minister of Canada.

We must face the truth: Justin Trudeau is disloyal to Canada. Until he is defeated, Canadians are being governed by someone who sees nothing wrong with betraying our country.

Spencer Fernando