FAIL: North Korea Missile Blows Up “Almost Immediately”

If North Korea was trying to respond to the tough talk coming from the White House, they just failed miserably.

An attempted missile launch – just hours ahead of US Vice President Mike Pence’s visit to South Korea – blew up “almost immediately,” according to US Pacific Command.

Both the United States and China had warned North Korea against any missile tests. As a result, Kim Jong Un’s repeated defiance increases the possibility of military conflict. North Korea is seemingly daring the United States to launch a strike, a huge risk for the communist regime to take.

Watch a Fox News report on the failed launch:

North Korea must be dealt with – one way or another

The most disturbing thing about North Korea is their unending march toward more powerful weapons, and more long-range delivery systems.

A regime run by a dystopian cult of personality is now closer than ever to having the ability to reach the North America with nuclear weapons. That would put our security under the whim of an irrational and unstable regime.

That is not something the free nations of the world can accept.

The United States leadership – including President Donald Trump and Secretary of Defense James “Mad Dog” Mattis – have said they will not let North Korea get to that point.

That raises the stakes dramatically, and shows the danger of North Korea’s missile launch. If they are determined to continue advancing their nuclear capability at any costs, a US military strike appears to be inevitable.

The only thing stopping a conflict is a last-minute climb down by the Kim Jong Un regime, a prospect which seems unlikely.

Spencer Fernando