Government Has Taken Too Much Power From Families

As time goes on, the power and reach of the government continues to expand.

This increasing government power comes at the expense of individuals, but it also comes at the expense of families.

This is a serious concern.

Ask yourself this question: Who should have more authority over the lives of children? Parents, or the government?

Clearly, the elites think the answer should be “government.”

The elites have been systematically removing the power of parents to control their child’s education, and to decide how children are raised. Every time the government expands its power in that way, it does something very dangerous that will have long-term consequences for our society, and it raises profound questions about how free our society really is.

Consider this:

We are supposed to be free individuals. And as individuals, our lives do not belong to the government. Part of being free includes the freedom to raise our own children and make decisions about our own family.

Until they become adults, children are under the authority of somebody. That somebody is either the government, or parents.

Which one should it be?

Look at the severe problems with government-run programs such as Child & Family Services in Manitoba. In many cases, the government took children away from their families and ended up housing them in hotels without any supervision. Tragically, some of those children were then murdered, or ended up involved in crime.

Even in many public schools, countless children face bullying, drug use, and other serious issues. Clearly, there is no guarantee that a government run program is safe.

I’m not arguing against public schools, or against services that help children escape dangerous environments. We need both of those things. But I am questioning the power of government institutions, and they way our government uses them to take control of the lives of children, instead of putting parents and families first.

Government must stay out of parenting

The government purposely makes homeschooling difficult, and it seeks to impose itself on how parents raise their children.

That is a huge overreach on the part of politicians and the state.

We don’t elect politicians to be parents, we elect them to be efficient and responsible managers of our tax dollars.

Unfortunately, those in power tend to have an endless appetite for expanding their sphere of influence, and they seek to extend it into our families as well.

The elites don’t want to face the reality that people have different ways of raising their children. Almost everyone has a different parenting style, and different values they seek to impart to their kids. It’s not the government’s job to interfere with that.

Of course, in cases where laws are being broken and children are being put in danger, it is important for members of the community to step in. Government has a role there. But that role must be extremely limited only to those situations of true law-breaking and danger. It must not be used as an excuse to force the elitist government ideology on children against the wishes of parents.

There is also no guarantee that government intervention makes things better, as we have seen that it often makes things worse.

That is why parents should have the final say on how their children are taught and raised. Otherwise, we are not a truly free nation.

Spencer Fernando