MILITARY IN CRISIS: Trudeau’s Cuts Devastating Our National Defence

Defence spending reaches lowest level ever as a percentage of the economy

In March, I wrote about how Justin Trudeau was gutting the Canadian Military by cutting $8.4 billion worth of future equipment spending.

Now, those cuts – and Trudeau’s ongoing under-funding of our men and women in uniform – are having a devastating effect on our national defence.

As Anthony Furey reported in the Toronto Sun, Canada’s military spending has hit a record-low.

Our defence budget is now just 0.88% of GDP, the lowest ever recorded.

Canada’s military is in crisis. In fact, a Senate Report warns our military is “at risk of catastrophic failure.”

This puts us at significant risk.

Trudeau makes a bad trend even worse

The previous Conservative government increased military spending, but not by nearly enough. The overall percentage of GDP spent on Canada’s military under Harper hovered around the 1% mark. However, Trudeau has made things even worse.

His billions in cuts – and his unwillingness to even get close to the NATO requirement of 2% of GDP spent on defence – weakens Canada’s influence in the world, and puts Canadian citizens in danger.

Our world is getting more and more dangerous, and the first duty of any government is to protect our citizens from that danger. By under-funding, and even weakening our military, Justin Trudeau is failing the test of leadership.

Trudeau is not only putting Canadians at risk, he is also disrespecting our troops. Those who serve our country and risk being put in harm’s way deserve the very best equipment and support. By gutting our military, Trudeau shows disregard for the bravest among us.

Of course, Trudeau’s weakening of the Canadian military is part of his overall disloyalty to our country and our citizens. He is always able to find billions to give away to foreign nations, and then he turns around and slashes financial support for those who serve our country.

Adding his two budgets together, Trudeau has now cut over $11 billion from the Canadian military.

It is a total disgrace.

Canada is a vast, resource-rich nation. We cannot afford to leave ourselves basically undefended in a chaotic world. Yet, that is exactly what Justin Trudeau is doing.

His disloyalty and naivety puts all of us at risk. In order to secure our future, Canada needs real leadership – leadership that will strengthen our military and keep our people safe.

Spencer Fernando

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Looking at that mans eyes in the lead photo for this article he looks like he’s smoke a dooby to many.


Actually, on checking all the photos of the shiny pony on this site I’d be inclined to say he is blitzed in about all of them.

Diane Duncan

Being informed about these actions is depressing. It would be somewhat better to hear what Canadians can do right now to let Justin T know that in these “times” cutting our military budget in any way is very unwise. I guess he’s following his father’s ideals…..PET didn’t really care about our military either, only when it suited him as in the Quebec Crisis. Can JT be challenged on his actions…like Now…..not waiting for elections?

Theresa Hilbig

I agree. If we allow two more years of this “Agenda of Deceit”, Canada will be so messed that it will surely be too late to save our country.


The bottom line is:
I wish all Canadians would realize, Trudeau’s goal is to ‘GIVE CANADA AWAY’ to One World Order.
Like Obama did in U.S., Trudeau is ruining us, weakening us on behalf of the UN NWO.
President Trump isn’t going to go light on Canada re NAFTA if Trudeau doesn’t do his part for NATO.

Lorne Husk

He appears to be all strung out on weed.Not surprising.

Jean McCraw

This should not be a surprise, he is intentionally destroying Canada.

Ed jamnisek

How about substance abuse testing our Pm and other elected officials.