POLL: Canadians Losing Patience With Trudeau’s Deficits

Survey shows majority of Canadians oppose the federal budget

A new Nanos Research poll shows the Canadian people are not fans of the Trudeau government’s latest budget.

According to the poll results, only 5% of Canadians had a positive view of the budget, while 33% said their view was somewhat positive.

By contrast, 22% of Canadians had a negative view, while 30% had a somewhat negative view.

11% were unsure.

Canadians getting worried about endless deficits

Canadians also want deficit reduction, with 80% saying a plan to end the budget deficit is either important or somewhat important.

Clearly, patience for Trudeau’s budget deceptions is wearing out fast.

In financial terms, Justin Trudeau’s pledge to run only 3 “small” deficits has been his biggest broken promise.

Not only has Trudeau run massive budget deficits – $28.5 billion projected for this year – there is no end in sight to those deficits.

Also, the deficits have not translated into economic gains for middle class and low-income Canadians, which leaves people wondering where all the money is going.

Keep in mind, this disapproval is before the carbon tax is introduced nationwide. We can expect that when people see the price of everything – including essentials such as food and fuel – going up, more people will turn against Trudeau’s economic approach.

Additionally, the damage to our economic competitiveness – particularly compared to the United States – could cost jobs and make many Canadians poorer.

Once again, we are finding out that big government doesn’t work. Canada needs economic liberty, not a massive debt burden left by politicians meddling with forces they don’t understand.

Spencer Fernando