Trudeau Silent On Easter Sunday Arson At Toronto Church

Where are all the tweets Justin?

The dangerous ideology of political correctness continues to spread. We can see it not only in what is talked about, but what is not talked about.

That’s why the silence of Justin Trudeau and the elites regarding an arson at a Toronto Church is indicative of a bigger issue.

As reported by Global, a fire was deliberately set at St. John the Evangelist Church, forcing the cancellation of Easter Services.

The suspect was identified as 43-year-old Marc Porlier, who had previously released videos criticizing the Catholic Church.

Thankfully, nobody was injured in the fire.

Silence from Trudeau

While the incident could have been much worse, this was still an act of violence against a religious institution. And yet, the silence from Trudeau and the elites is deafening.

To his credit, Jason Kenney – among a few others – did take the time to speak out against the arson:

I’d love to show you a similar tweet from Justin Trudeau, but there isn’t one. He was silent.

This is the hypocritical double standard of the elites: They rush to condemn violence and bigotry, unless it takes place against Christians.

This double standard must come to an end. Every Canadian citizen should be protected from violence, and true leaders must not bow down to political correctness when deciding what they will or won’t condemn.

Trudeau and his fellow elites have once again shown their divisive and intolerant attitudes by remaining silent on a crime targeting Canadian Christians. It’s yet another reason they have lost the moral authority to lead Canada.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Weston Historical Society (Facebook)