WATCH: Trudeau Government BLOCKS Carbon Tax Report

CARBON TAX CENSORSHIP as Trudeau Government Stops Opposition MP From Sharing Carbon Pricing Report

The Trudeau government has tried to downplay the economic impact of the Carbon Tax all along.

They’ve said it will be “revenue neutral,” despite the fact that even BC’s carbon tax – which Trudeau holds up as a national example – is not revenue neutral itself. Indeed, it’s been described as “another government cash-grab.”

If the truth was on the side of the Trudeau government, surely they would want all the facts to come out about the carbon tax. After all, if they’re being honest with Canadians, they have nothing to hide.

Clearly, they aren’t being honest with Canadians.

Opposition MP Mark Warawa tried to table a report in the House of Commons showing the federal carbon tax Trudeau is pushing would NOT be revenue neutral.

Shamefully, the Trudeau government members shouted Warawa down, and blocked the report from being tabled.

Watch the carbon tax censorship below:


This is the kind of thing the Trudeau government hopes will happen under the radar. It’s only 27 seconds, and it’s barely been discussed publicly, but it is of immense importance.

The House of Commons belongs to us – it’s the people’s house. It doesn’t belong to Trudeau or his government. When an opposition MP representing their constituents is blocked from sharing facts on a program that will impact all Canadians – that is censorship, and a dangerous denial of democracy.

The carbon tax is nothing but a dishonestly packaged plan to rip money out of our pockets and put it under the control of the politicians and the elites. The Trudeau Liberals are doing everything possible to stop that truth from spreading.

That’s why we citizens need to spread the truth as far and wide as possible.

Justin Trudeau’s dictatorial tendencies are becoming more and more obvious with each passing day. As a result, the government is becoming more and more distant from Canadians, and we are being systematically robbed of our power and influence.

That’s why we need to remain vigilant. It’s the small moments – like MP Warawa being blocked from sharing facts – that illuminate the bigger trends putting our democracy in peril.

Spencer Fernando

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Jan Scheit

Alarming but not surprising. Liberalism has few, if any, rational arguments in its favour. It’s main tactic is dominance whether that’s through political correctness, blatant rudeness such as Trudeau’s display of constant interruption when debating Stephen Harper, or the tactics we see in the House. We also see this blatant ugliness in their policies with respect to AGW and M-103 and the speech code for LGBT. These are incredibly ugly people. To allow these thugs anywhere near the halls of power is an gross stain on the Canadian character.

Bob Toner

Why does Trudeau put everything ahead of Canadians and Canada? Trudeau, the Elite and the United Nations lie to you about climate change, immigration, refugees and huge sums of money being transferred out of Canada.. This is a very clear. Why Trudeau the Elite and the UN lie to you is a question you need to answer. The answer is laid out in their plans. Agenda 21, Agenda 2013 and Agenda 2050. This small group wants to control the world and reduce the population. This plan has been active for 40 + years and you have been directly purposely educated… Read more »