Backbench Liberals Turning Against Trudeau’s Controlling Methods?

There appears to be growing dissension within the Liberal government over the consequences of Justin Trudeau’s anti-democratic agenda.

As reported by the Hill Times, Liberal Member of Parliament Wayne Easter says some MP’s are getting unhappy with how business in the House is slowing down as the Trudeau cabinet tries ramming-through changes that will dis-empower the opposition.

As I reported earlier, the Trudeau government is trying to take away the opposition’s chance to speak in the House, as well as limit the amount of time the Prime Minister spends in question period – in addition to other changes that will concentrate power in Trudeau’s hands.

The opposition has been fighting those changes through various procedural measures and filibusters (which Trudeau is trying to take away).

Both the Conservatives and NDP are working together to fight Trudeau’s attack on democracy, in large part because making big rule changes to the house of commons has typically involved including other parties. This important and necessary work to protect democracy is slowing down the Liberal’s agenda.

Said Easter, “The reality is there’s not enough getting done in the House. I’ve been a long-term member and I strongly believe that you have to have at least consensus from the main parties to change the rules of the House.”

Easter went even further, setting a clear division between opposition and government backbench MP’s on one side, and government MP’s on the other.

“This is the House of Commons. It’s not the House of cabinet. It’s not the House of the PMO. It’s the House of Commons. It’s the people’s House, and the majority of the people in that House are not members of Cabinet,” said Easter.

This is rare public criticism from a government member, and though Easter was careful in how he said it, his comments point to growing dissension behind the scenes of the Trudeau government. Trudeau’s increasingly dictatorial tactics have not only taken power away from the opposition parties, but they’ve turned backbench MP’s into nothing more than servants of his will.

If comments like Easter’s are breaking out into the public, we can only imagine whats happening in the corridors of the House of Commons.

It’s time for more backbench MP’s to start speaking out against Trudeau. His love for dictators, his weakening of our military, his increasing taxes, his willingness to sell us out to foreign countries, and his lack of respect for Canadian taxpayers – all of that must be opposed.

Backbench MP’s have power. It’s time they started using it.

Spencer Fernando

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Lian Walton

Spencer i spoke of this generally a few days ago – i felt(feel) that change must come from within as outside noise simply bounces off – the latest embarrassment is the multi million gift to Iraq while our military suffers – please, please you liberal cabinet members and house members – you can see what is going on – would you rather be associated with the man who destroyed Canada or part of the group that stopped him – think about it .


I agree with you very well said , I have said in past posts that it is time to ask all liberals if they stand for CANADA and Canadians or with trudeau and his traitors. There is no middle ground here . I still believe there is liberals out there that will stand for Canada and break free from trudeau ‘ s dark evil empire.

june dobson

hope they can see what is going on right before their own eyes,, he is getting much bolder now,, he is sure that no one is going to come up against him,,he is hell bent on destroying Canada,,,can’t understand why though,,,Canada is a great country but he takes it down a wee bit everyday,,

Robert Carriere

get enough of them against Trudeau then a non-confidence vote could be done

Sheila Robillard

There will be enough of the Liberals that go against him sooner than later. All it would take is for a few of the smart ones to cross the floor. Fingers crossed enough of them have the brains to see what is happening in THEIR country, not just Justin Trudeau ‘s mind. He is a Legend in his own mind.


Thinking the back benches are actually reading our comments on FB..i agree with all the above comments..let’s keep it up. Just a matter of time..

Donna Dynna

I contacted Ralph Goodale, my MP, a while ago urging him to stand up to Justin Trudeau before he ruined Canada entirely. I didn’t get any response back. Maybe it will take those with a lower profile in Parliament to save Canada.

R. A. Rinas

Donna, I also have not had one reply to any emails sent to liberal maps! I guess us riff raff don’t count and do not deserve recognition!


Carolyn Bennett (Minister of Indigenous and Northern Affairs) is my MP. She has never answered any emails. Trudeau (with the help of Butts) has filled the Cabinet with lackeys – not very bright ones at that – so there won’t be a Cabinet revolt, which would be one way of removing him. The Liberal backbenchers are the only hope we have of stopping him before he destroys Canada. Do they have the integrity and guts to do that? I don’t know. This IS their country that he is ruining, too.


Ralph Goodale? the one who put Alberta farmers in prison for selling their own wheat? Don’ trust him and for him not answering your letter of concern speaks loud and clear where his loyalty lies.

Ana Gomes

Goodale is one of the old rascals, the good old boys of the golden age of Liberal corruption . Liberals can not live without it. Trudope does not even recognize the word. It sounds like normal to him. Just like the mayor of London, a Muslim, telling us that it is expected to have terrorist attacks in a big city. It feels normal…so it should be accepted. Just like honour killings are normal and expected as an expression of another culture to be absorbed by the majorities… That is what father Trudope is teaching his children, It is the latest… Read more »

Ros Feldman

I would definitely think more of any liberal who crossed the floor!!!

Ana Gomes

The liberals lost it all. They betrayed the meaning of the word LIBERAL, and accept all forms of corruption coming their way. They did not even oppose the infamous and shameless motion M-103. What are liberals going to do about the efforts to push Sharia Law down our throats ? If it produces votes, they will betray our country,in order to establish that abomination in Canada. We do not want to be Global Citizens, like The Turd; we like the Canadian Democracy, as it used to be, before CBC voted this Fool into power. And let’s say it loud before… Read more »


C. Ziemann

Oh dear Lord, please tell me that I’m not dreaming this!! We NEED the backbenchers and Patriotic Canadian MPs of EVERY party (incl. Liberals) to stand up to Trudeau. He is crushing Canada and Canadians!! He is a dictator! He is a Maniac!! Surely Liberal MPs and Backbencher realize that to continue to stand WITH this man is Political Suicide?? No?????

Marshall Sayers

J. Trudeau is very destructive to Canada and its people. This seems to be intentional and he is going the way of a Dictator and the total destruction of democracy in Canada. He wants to work less and control more.

Bud Cooper

I beg all LIberal backbenchers…cross the floor! Stand up to him

Ruthanne McCutcheon

This gives me some hope that they are not all bobbleheads on that side of the house.


Please please stop Trudeau he is killing Canada. We the liberal party to cross the floor. He is a earl danger to use that have to live here and pay the taxes to help pay off all the money that Trudeau has spent on foreign countries. We the people of Canada need you to help us.


Justin Trudeau is a TRAITOR to Canada and has now brought on us all to finally react to his Treason. We call on ALL Canadians to partake in this call to action and save our Children’s futures.

Celebrate Canada’s 150th Birthday by doing this…

One million Canadians need to walk on Parliament Hill, Ottawa June 3rd & 4 or Edmonton June 3rd and remove these Liberal TRAITORS!!!! Your children’s lives depend on it….


I hope they succeed in instigating a palace revolt, but in the end it will depend on the desire of all Canadians, especially those of Conservative bent to get rid of this tyrant. His removal is the only chance we have to preserve Canada.


Traitorous Trudeau has to be gone before civil unrest turn violent. Liberal back benchers cross the floor there is no way you all supported this traitor. He has control over you and the future of your children are you going to let this mans action include you and you family name to go in the history books of shames and traitorous actions to our great country


Everyone, I have read your comments and believe he is destroying our country. I believe that most of the Liberals in parliament don’t have the BALLS or Guts to stand up and cross the floor as they have a nice big fat pention coming to them. As many of you have said in your comment, you have not rec. a call back. It is almost like we all do not have a say. I sure hope that whom ever voted for that SCHOOL TEACHER will pay and that maybe they will wake up and smell the coffee. LOL ,if they… Read more »


But he has nice hair.


I guess when his election promises said he was going to make big changes to Canada, he wasn’t kidding. I thought Harper thought he might actually be the Emperor of Canada. Trudeau I think is becoming Castro or Kim Jong Un in the way he’s seeing change for the country….makes me a little afraid of the guy!


What else would you expect from an idiot who loves a Chinese communist dictatorship? He’s admired them for a long time — since he was a kid.

Richard Courtemanche

This arrogant self-serving punk doesn’t belong in a Canadian Parliament. Many Canadians had another moment of insanity in voting him in. Trudeau should move to North Korea if he wants to pursue his governing style. Hopefully, more Liberal members will have the temerity to speak out and oust this narcissistic demagogue out of the public space.

Muriel Altiparmakyan

You liberals got what you paid for. Let Conservatives rescue you. Gosh I miss Stephen Harper and his modesty.

Sean Short

This could be the time for a true push towards letting your backbencher know they are on the wrong horse and will lose their seat in the next election if they don’t wake up now. Tell them by repeated posts that you have no confidence in Trudeau and neither should they. At the end of every post write the phrase: “I have no confidence in Trudeau.” If we get an overwhelming front telling these MP’s their cushy jobs are on the line, they may join the opposition and be the first to “impeach” a PM with a sitting majority. I… Read more »