Backbench Liberals Turning Against Trudeau’s Controlling Methods?

There appears to be growing dissension within the Liberal government over the consequences of Justin Trudeau’s anti-democratic agenda.

As reported by the Hill Times, Liberal Member of Parliament Wayne Easter says some MP’s are getting unhappy with how business in the House is slowing down as the Trudeau cabinet tries ramming-through changes that will dis-empower the opposition.

As I reported earlier, the Trudeau government is trying to take away the opposition’s chance to speak in the House, as well as limit the amount of time the Prime Minister spends in question period – in addition to other changes that will concentrate power in Trudeau’s hands.

The opposition has been fighting those changes through various procedural measures and filibusters (which Trudeau is trying to take away).

Both the Conservatives and NDP are working together to fight Trudeau’s attack on democracy, in large part because making big rule changes to the house of commons has typically involved including other parties. This important and necessary work to protect democracy is slowing down the Liberal’s agenda.

Said Easter, “The reality is there’s not enough getting done in the House. I’ve been a long-term member and I strongly believe that you have to have at least consensus from the main parties to change the rules of the House.”

Easter went even further, setting a clear division between opposition and government backbench MP’s on one side, and government MP’s on the other.

“This is the House of Commons. It’s not the House of cabinet. It’s not the House of the PMO. It’s the House of Commons. It’s the people’s House, and the majority of the people in that House are not members of Cabinet,” said Easter.

This is rare public criticism from a government member, and though Easter was careful in how he said it, his comments point to growing dissension behind the scenes of the Trudeau government. Trudeau’s increasingly dictatorial tactics have not only taken power away from the opposition parties, but they’ve turned backbench MP’s into nothing more than servants of his will.

If comments like Easter’s are breaking out into the public, we can only imagine whats happening in the corridors of the House of Commons.

It’s time for more backbench MP’s to start speaking out against Trudeau. His love for dictators, his weakening of our military, his increasing taxes, his willingness to sell us out to foreign countries, and his lack of respect for Canadian taxpayers – all of that must be opposed.

Backbench MP’s have power. It’s time they started using it.

Spencer Fernando