Andrew Scheer Unveils Plan To Protect Free Speech On University Campuses

Conservative Leadership candidate Andrew Scheer says he will take away the federal funding of universities that fail to protect the free speech of students.

Scheer’s proposal comes as an increasingly militant anti-free speech movement pushes extreme political correctness on campuses throughout Canada and the United States.

In many cases, those groups are using violence, or the threat of violence and physical intimidation, to stop speakers – usually conservative speakers – from being heard on campus.

Rather than seek to debate or present an opposing point of view, there is a disturbing effort to simply silence different opinions.

That is what Andrew Scheer’s policy appears focused on fixing.

Scheer did a great job explaining how different views should be handled in a truly free society. As he told the National Post“There are a lot of people who come to campus who say things that are outrageous. And I vehemently disagree with them. That I find offensive. Professors or guest speakers who say terrible things about everything from Christianity to capitalism,” said Scheer.

“I just don’t go to them. It’s as simple as that. And it doesn’t bother me. It doesn’t keep me up at night. It doesn’t make me want to go and tip a car over.”

Scheer makes a great – and very necessary – point. It is one of the biggest ironies of our time that those who fight for political correctness label themselves “anti-fascists,” while using tactics that seek to control thought and silence dissent in a manner reminiscent of early-stage fascist regimes.

That has no place at our university campuses.

Scheer’s plan would use the leverage of government funding to exert pressure where it matters most – University Administration. While militant students unions often have undue power, that power only goes as far as University Administration lets it – though they usually keep the leash pretty long.

Scheer is making clear that institutions that don’t respect the individual rights of every student will face some punishment.

It is good to see someone seeking leadership in Canada speak out for free speech. It is desperately needed. Our Prime Minister is the epitome of the Social Justice Warrior who is so arrogantly certain in their superiority that he sees no problem taking away the rights of citizens to speak our minds and freely share our thoughts.

We must never allow Canada to become a nation where the government tells us what we can or can’t say and believe. We are moving ominously closer to that happening, and because of that we need people like Andrew Scheer – and fellow supporters of free speech – now more than ever.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter (Andrew Scheer)