Many First Nations Oppose Trudeau’s Cancellation Of Northern Gateway Pipeline

The elitist narrative on the environment and First Nations doesn’t hold up under scrutiny

The politically correct elites who oppose every energy project like to play a cynical game. They fight to create the narrative that all First Nations people in Canada are opposed to resource development. They then use that narrative to demonize those who support developing Canada’s natural resource wealth, often calling pro-energy advocates “racists” and “colonizers.”

However, that elitist narrative doesn’t match the facts.

As was recently reported by Claudia Cattaneo of the Financial Post, the vast majority of First Nations bands on the route of the Northern Gateway pipeline supported the project.

But rather than listen to them, Trudeau cancelled it.

Cattaneo spoke with many leaders of First Nations along the route, including Elmer Ghostkeeper, leader of the Buffalo Lake Metis Settlement. As Cattaneo wrote, “Ghostkeeper said more than 30 of the 42 bands on the Alberta-to-West Coast pipeline’s right-of-way were looking forward to sharing in the construction and long-term benefits.”

Ghostkeeper and other First Nations leaders were hoping to be part of the $2 billion in expected business and job opportunities that would have been created by the project. Ghostkeeper told the Financial Post, “Equity was offered to aboriginal communities, and with the change in government that was all taken away. We are very disappointed in this young government.”

Trudeau rejected the Northern Gateway pipeline without consulting First Nations

For all his words about a “nation to nation relationship,” and the Duty to Consult, Trudeau cancelled the pipeline without consulting first Nations.

Dale Swampy, leader of the Samson Cree Nation, told the Financial Post it was a “political decision,” and was made without the input of First Nations.

Said Swampy, “They (First Nations) weren’t asked about the financial effect, the lost employment. They are trying to get themselves out of poverty, the welfare system that they are stuck to, and every time they try to do something like that, it’s destroyed.”

Swampy perfectly sums up the destructive attitudes of the elites. Clearly, many First Nations leaders are working hard to create jobs and opportunities for their communities. Yet, the big-government elites would rather people remain in poverty and dependent on the government. The last thing leaders like Trudeau want to see are strong, independent communities that don’t need politicians to “save” them.

Opposing pipelines was never about the environment or helping First Nations

The true hypocrisy and ruthlessness of the elites can be seen in how they cynically attempt to use First Nations communities for propaganda purposes.

They are happy to include the perspective of First Nations communities when they oppose a pipeline, but completely ignore those who do support pipelines.

If it doesn’t fit the narrative, it gets silenced.

It’s also obvious opposing pipelines has nothing to do with the environment. It’s about increasing poverty and dependence on government, and weakening our country in the world. After all, less resource development means fewer Canadian jobs, more poverty and suffering, and more oil imports from heinous regimes like Saudi Arabia.

Canada needs more, not less resource development

Trudeau and the politically correct elites want to weaken Canada and make us dependent on foreign countries. That’s why we need to oppose their anti-energy agenda.

Carbon taxes, pipeline cancellations, and restrictive regulations hurt all Canadians, including First Nations people.

We need to fully embrace and expand our energy sector, to create the opportunity and prosperity every Canadian citizen deserves.

Spencer Fernando

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