SURGE: Illegal Border Crossings Jump As Trudeau Refuses To Secure Border

The Trudeau government is leaving Canada open to danger

The illegal border crossing problem continues to grow.

According to the Canadian Border Services Agency (CBSA), 887 people were caught illegally crossing the border in March.

That’s up from 658 in February, and 315 in January.

As the weather continues to get warmer, the number of illegal border crossers is expected to keep increasing, unless the government gets control of the border – which Trudeau shows no signs of doing.

Clearly, Trudeau is more focused on getting attention from the globalist elites, rather than keeping Canada safe.

Half of those crossing illegally have criminal records

Though you don’t hear politicians admitting it, Canada could face danger from some people illegally crossing into the country.

In fact, we already have.

An illegal crosser recently attacked a female border guard in Emerson, Manitoba. Additionally, border guards say around half of those crossing illegally have criminal records in the United States.

Keep in mind, that’s just the people we know about. There are certainly many people crossing illegally and never getting caught.

Though many of those crossing may not be a threat, the fact that half of illegal crossers have criminal records puts Canada at risk.

Gag order

The Trudeau government is trying to silence discussion about the surge of illegal border crossings. It has been reported that the CBSA is under a gag order, which means they can only release border crossing numbers once a month. So, if there was a massive and dangerous surge of crossings into Canada, we might not even hear about it until weeks after it happened.

That is unacceptable. The Canadian people must have up-to-date access to that information. Trudeau has no right to hide it from us.

Trudeau failing in his duty to keep Canada safe

Border communities have been asking for more support from the federal government, but Trudeau has done virtually nothing.

The first duty of a national leader is to keep Canada safe. By failing to strengthen our border and take action to stop illegal crossings, Justin Trudeau is failing in that duty.

Our borders must mean something, and there must be consequences for violating our laws. That’s not about being “mean,” it’s about showing respect for our laws and respect for Canadian citizens. It’s unfair to all those seeking to enter Canada the right way when people are allowed to jump the queue. And it’s unfair to Canadians, when our “leader” lets our rules be treated like a joke.

Trudeau’s contempt for Canadians continues.

Spencer Fernando