PARIS TERROR: ISIS Claims Responsibility For Murder Of Police Officer

AK-47 wielding attacker shoots 3 police officers on Champs-Elysees boulevard, second suspect still at large

Once again, Paris has been hit by a terror attack.

According to witnesses, a man exited a car and fired a machine gun at police. One police officer was killed, while two other were wounded and taken to hospital.

As one witness told Reuters, “I came out of the Sephora shop and I was walking along the pavement where an Audi 80 was parked. A man got out and opened fire with a kalashnikov on a policeman.”

“The policeman fell down. I heard six shots, I was afraid. I have a two year-old girl and I thought I was going to die… He shot straight at the police officer,” added the witness.

Police are already investigating the incident as terrorism. It also appears the officers were targeted deliberately by the killer.

WATCH: US President Donald Trump speaks on Paris attack

Second suspect wanted by police

Reuters is reporting that a second suspect is reportedly at large, and police have issued a warrant for their arrest. The second suspect is believed to have come to France from Belgium, which has become a hotbed of radical Islamist terrorism.

238 people killed in France since 2015

Islamist terrorism has taken a massive toll in France, with 238 people having been killed in terrorist attacks since 2015.

France remains under a state of emergency since the carnage escalated.

It appears the suspected terrorists were on a government watch-list for having links to Islamist extremism. There will certainly be outrage among many French citizens, as the country seems to be at the mercy of continued terrorism.

Shamefully, France’s socialist Prime Minister at one point said people just had to get used to terror attacks, which is something a leader should never say. Terrorism must be defeated, not accepted.

With the first round of the French Presidential Election scheduled for Sunday, this attack will push security back to the forefront. National Front Leader Marine Le Pen has said she will deport all 15,000 individuals on the French terror watch-list, and will close the borders in an effort to protect France from terrorism.

Spencer Fernando

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Rick Churchill

Why is the West so intent on importing the element of their own demise? No matter how many citizens are murdered by these fanatical misfits, the press and the governments give them a free pass. Political correctness was invented by the Left to ensure our destruction. When will we wake up and face the truth about Islam?