FAKE NEWS: MSNBC Blames “Trump Donations” For Venezuela Unrest

There’s a reason the elitist establishment media is losing all their credibility.

Rather than report the facts, they push manipulative narratives.

Usually, they at least try to hide it.

But not MSNBC.

They’ve been caught in one of the most blatant and outrageous instances of Fake News that we have ever seen.

For context, here’s how a real news organization – Reuters – reported on the massive Venezuela protests:


Notice what doesn’t get mentioned: Donald Trump.

Here’s how MSNBC reported on it:


While Rachel Maddow mentions a few of the other reasons Venezuelan’s are protesting, she spends half the clip blaming the unrest on “Trump donations,” and the chyron at the bottom of the page makes it seem like all the riots being shown are because of Trump.

That’s Fake News at its worst.

Let’s ask ourselves this question:

What are Venezuelans more likely to be protesting: rampant food shortages, horrific levels of crime, and the destruction of their democracy, or donations made to Trump’s inauguration?


That’s a tough one.

There’s a reason other news organizations aren’t making the connection between the Trump donations and the Venezuelan protests: Because there is no connection.

MSNBC has been caught blatantly trying to manipulate the news, and whatever credibility they had left – if any – is now gone for good.

WATCH: Tucker Carlson rips MSNBC for trying to pin protests on Trump

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube Screenshot

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