INSANITY: Saudi Arabia Put On UN Status Of Women Commission

Yet another reason to cut United Nations funding

The insanity at the United Nations continues:

Members of the UN Economic and Social Council have inexplicably voted to put Saudi Arabia on the the Status of Women Commission.

As reported by the Daily Caller, the commission is responsible for the “promotion of gender equality and the empowerment of women.”

There is no justification for this decision. Saudi Arabia is one of the worst places on Earth when it comes to their treatment of women.

Women can’t drive in Saudi Arabia, and must receive permission from a male “guardian” before leaving the house. Women in Saudi Arabia also need permission from their “guardian” to leave the country, get married, or have any involvement in business.

The Daily Caller also notes that Saudi Arabia has incredibly high rates of domestic abuse, and the rates are rising even higher.

Where is our “feminist” Prime Minister?

It’s crazy for Saudi Arabia to be on any commission that is focused on women’s rights, and it’s just another sign of the corruption at the root of the UN.

And yet, the response from the international community has been almost non-existent. For example, our so-called “feminist” Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has been silent. You would think he would have a comment about how “It’s 2017,” but so far, nothing but crickets.

Likely, he’s too busy selling us out to put actually put actions behind his politically correct rhetoric.

It’s an insult to Canadians that we send millions to the United Nations, and billions more to countries that horribly violate the rights of women.

Time to keep that money in Canada, and distance ourselves from the UN until they fix their rampant insanity.

Spencer Fernando

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Trudeau isn’t a feminist, he’s an idiot.

This article is proof that the truth is strange than fiction.