Marine Le Pen Rises In Polls After Paris Attack

With the French Presidential Election just a day away, one of the final polls shows National Front candidate Marine Le Pen gaining support.

Le Pen went from 22% to 23% in the Odoxa poll, while the other candidates РEmmanuel Macron, Francois Fillon, and Jean-Luc Melenchon all lost half a percentage point. Macron leads with 24%, followed by Le Pen.

Though the changes are small, they could have big consequences, as the four candidates are locked in a tight battle for the two run-off spots.

The top two vote-getters will move on to a runoff election on May 7, where the candidate who receives 50% +1 wins the election and becomes the next President of France.

The final round of the poll was taken after the terror attack in Paris, where a man “well-known” to authorities as an Islamist extremist shot three police officers, murdering one.

In the aftermath of the attack, security has been brought back to the forefront of the campaign, which helps Le Pen, as she is seen as the candidate who has the toughest approach to securing France.

The country has been reeling under constant terror attacks, with hundreds of citizens being brutally murdered by Islamist terrorists since 2015. The country has been under a constant state of emergency, and more and more French citizens are losing patience with the inability of their leaders to stem the rising tide of terror.

Le Pen has promised to arrest all 15,000 people on the French terror watch-list, as well as deport all foreigners with any links to extremists. She has also pledged to retake control of the border from the European Union, where the free flow of travel makes it easier for terrorists to enter any EU country they please.

WATCH: Marine Le Pen speech after Paris attack

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter (Marine Le Pen)

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J. Jamieson

It seems that Marine Le Pen is the only leader in France with b**** !!

Sylvia Robinson

More and more people seem to be waking up to the fact that our leaders are not there for the people any more. They are following their very own agenda of destroying nation states and mounting world-wide central control – no matter what.

The general poplutation only serve to pay for their “dream of a new world.” It is thanks to people like Marine Le Pen that this realization is growing. A very courageous woman!! ! Thanks, Marine. I hope she will win the elections.

Luc Morin

I don’t know where they got the translator on this video, but it doesn’t look like he’s pursuing the right career.