SECURITY FAILURE? Paris Terrorist Was “Well Known” To Authorities

Karim Cheurfi identified as Paris shooter

Questions are being raised about the effectiveness of the French government’s anti-terror efforts, as it was revealed the radical Islamist terrorist who killed a police officer was well-known to authorities.

In fact, the terrorist – identified as Karim Cheurfi – was convicted in the year 2005 of three counts of attempted murder – two of those counts against police officers.

Additionally, he was arrested in February of 2017 on the suspicion of planning to kill police officers.

And yet, he was released due to a “lack of evidence.”

This raises serious doubts about the commitment of France’s socialist government when it comes to fighting terrorism, and shows why Presidential candidate Marine Le Pen’s message of strengthening law enforcement and controlling the border has attracted such a wide audience.

Whether out of political correctness or naivety, the French government appears unable to stem the rising tide of Islamist terrorism, which has taken the lives of hundreds of French citizens.

Presidential candidate Emmanuel Macron – a former socialist – appeared to double down on the politically correct response, focusing on stopping “fear” rather than really dealing with the threat of terrorism.

By contrast, Le Pen, says all those on the terrorist watch-list (as Karim Cheurfi was), should be arrested. Conservative candidate Francois Fillon has also pledged tougher anti terror measures, saying he would hire another 10,000 police officers, as well as strip citizenship from French citizens who fight for ISIS in foreign lands.

Spencer Fernando