Socialist Venezuela Seizes General Motors Plant, GM Leaves Country

General Motors (GM), has left Venezuela after the socialist regime illegally seized a GM plant.

The plant was located in Carabobo state, and as a result of the seizure, 2,700 Venezuelan workers have lost their jobs, and are now at the mercy of the collapsed economy.

Considering the economic record of the Venezuelan government, the plant will surely produce nothing at a high cost and then close swiftly as it begins rusting away.

The Venezuelan government has not given any reasons for the move, which comes amid a collapsing economy.

Rather than focus on allowing the free market to begin repairing the horrific economic wreckage left by socialist “economics,” the Venezuelan socialist state has instead blamed the United States for all of their economic problems.

Unsurprisingly, the Venezuelan economy is now in a state of total collapse.

Socialism fails again.

Spencer Fernando