Trudeau’s Omnibus Hypocrisy

The elitist media is giving Trudeau a free pass

While in opposition, Justin Trudeau regularly ripped the Conservatives for pushing through massive omnibus budgets.

Trudeau said omnibus bills hid information, burying it away from view and denying parliamentarians and the public a chance to really see what was inside legislation.

However, it seems Trudeau has no problem with omnibus budgets now that he is in power.

As a Postmedia editorial states, “In opposition, Trudeau and the Liberals complained about Stephen Harper’s Conservative government using its majority to game parliamentary procedures in favour of the ruling party.

Today, they stand accused by the opposition parties of doing the same thing.”

It’s true. The Trudeau Liberals are pushing omnibus bills just as previous governments did.

Another promise broken.

So how do they get away with it?

Well, aside from the Postmedia editorial, there has been little coverage of Trudeau’s omnibus hypocrisy in the elitist establishment media. They are going easy on Trudeau, which is why opposition to his dangerous and hypocritical agenda is rising among grassroots Canadians who see past the media spin.

If the establishment media won’t do their job and hold the Trudeau government accountable for their lies, we – the Canadian people – will become the media and we will continue to speak truth to power.

Spencer Fernando