Kellie Leitch Says She Will Deport Illegal Border Crossers

Following a recent visit to Emerson, Manitoba – a town at the epicentre of the surge in illegal border crossers – Conservative leadership candidate Kellie Leitch says she will deport those who cross illegally.

So far this year, Manitoba has taken in over 300 illegal crossers, and that doesn’t even include those who were not caught by anyone.

Thousands more are expected to arrive as the weather improves.

As Leitch told CBC“Individuals that enter our country illegally should be detained, should be questioned and sent back to the United States.”

Trudeau’s failure

Justin Trudeau is allowing our laws to be treated like a joke, and he insults those who are following the rules, a point Leitch made while in Emerson. Said Leitch, “Illegal migration is unfair to those who apply properly and legally.” She also pointed out that Trudeau has “acted irresponsibly.”

There are already massive waiting lists of people who want to enter Canada. They are showing respect for our country and our authorities by going through the real process. Trudeau shows contempt for them when he lets people skip the line.

“No exceptions”

Leitch told CBC that there would not be any exceptions to her policy.

“My answer is not going to change no matter how many different ways you ask it. We have a system. Our system is fair and extremely generous,” said Leitch.

While Leitch will inevitably be attacked for her stance, what she is advocating is really just common-sense. We have laws, and we have rules. Those who follow those rules should be rewarded. Those who don’t, should not be allowed to cut the line.

Canada can’t just let in everybody who wants to enter our country. That’s why we have a process, and that’s why that process must be respected.

By ignoring the rules, Justin Trudeau shows his disrespect for all Canadians, and he betrays those who are trying to join the Canadian family the right way.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter (Kellie Leitch)