PATRIOTISM vs GLOBALISM: Clear Contrast Between Le Pen & Macron

The final round of the French Presidential Election gives France a clear choice between Marine Le Pen’s Patriotism, and Emmanuel Macron’s Globalism.

Marine Le Pen and Emmanuel Macron have taken very different paths to the final round of the election.

Le Pen took over the National Front party previously run by her father. She worked to distance the party from his controversial statements, and remove members of the extreme-right. She even pushed her father out of the party when he didn’t go along with her changes.

By contrast, Macron created his own En Marche movement from scratch, seeking to escape the baggage of his time in the massively unpopular socialist government. He now says he is neither conservative or socialist.

Le Pen has focused on a patriotic agenda of restoring control over France’s borders, expelling foreign criminals, and decisively cracking down on the threat of radical Islamism – which has taken the lives of over 300 French citizens since 2015. Le Pen also wants France to leave the European Union and scrap the Euro, returning to their own currency.

Macron is a proud globalist and former banker, who wants to keep the borders open, strengthen the European Union, make the French economy more open and competitive, and has been vague on any efforts to reduce the threat of terrorism.

Macron leads Le Pen in early poll

According to the most recent poll, Macron leads with 61% of the vote to Le Pen’s 39%. Le Pen has just two weeks to turn that around.

Already, dividing lines are being drawn:

The establishment has lined up behind Macron, with the defeated conservative and socialist candidates expressing their support for him. France’s socialist President Francois Hollande has also urged voters to vote for Macron.

That is unsurprising, since Le Pen is campaigning explicitly against the status-quo. She is the anti-establishment candidate, and her team is already attacking Macron as the “oligarch’s candidate.”

Interestingly, left-wing candidate Jean-Luc Melanchon has so far refused to back Macron, expressing opposition to his globalist agenda.

Globalism isn’t helping France

Macron is in an odd position, as he is supposedly a candidate of change while he is defending the establishment and the status quo. France has been following the globalist playbook for years, and that has resulted in an increasingly unsafe country, with a stagnant economy and no control over their currency or their borders.

Macron represents a new face on the same system. If the French are truly looking for a change, Marine Le Pen is the only one who offers a decisively new direction.

Spencer Fernando