Saudi Arabia Is The Apartheid State

Those who constantly attack Israel – despite Israel being the only democracy in the Middle East – are missing a far bigger truth.

Despite appalling efforts on university campuses to condemn Israel as an “apartheid state,” more and more people are seeing through those lies.

Common-sense people know the truth:

The true apartheid state in the Middle East is Saudi Arabia.

Saudi Arabia has gender apartheid, and religious apartheid. Non-Muslims and women in Saudi Arabia are treated as second class citizens – often closer to slaves than anything else.

The country brutally suppresses dissent – in fact Canadian blogger Raif Badawi is still in a Saudi prison for harmless blog posts.

If you’re looking for apartheid, look no further than Saudi Arabia.

A historic irony

The anti-Israel movement on some university campuses would be laughably ironic if they weren’t trying to do real damage. Israel is the only Middle-Eastern country where women and lgbt people have their rights protected and respected. It’s the only place in that part of the world that most university students could live freely.

And yet, out of all the countries in the region, Israel is the country they choose to attack. It’s absurd.

The West must stand with Israel

The triumph of freedom is never guaranteed. We must show our confidence in the power of liberty, religious freedom, and freedom of speech. That means it is essential that the Western world stands with Israel against those who unfairly demonize and denigrate it.

Israel is in a constant fight for it’s survival, and the least we can do is make sure that fight isn’t undermined by radical hypocrisy.

Speaking the truth

Unlike many of our leaders, we must have the strength and courage to speak truth to power. Why should Saudi Arabia get away with their terrible oppression of women, religious minorities, and lgbt people, while Israel is endlessly condemned at the United Nations?

That’s not right, and we need to say it’s not right.

Saudi Arabia is the real apartheid state, and that message must be heard loud and clear.

Spencer Fernando