WATCH: Condescending Trudeau Evades Real Answers On His Damage To Democracy

Justin Trudeau is trying to ram through changes that will severely damage Canadian democracy, by taking power away from the opposition and backbench MP’s.

Trudeau is trying to force the changes through without any support from the other parties, which is a huge departure from the consensus-based approach that has been used to make previous changes to how Parliament works.

Both the Conservatives and NDP have been working together to try and stop Trudeau’s changes, but his government continues trying to ram them through.

Recently, Trudeau made a big point of taking all the questions in Question Period, in an attempt to create a spectacle of “accountability.” However, taking questions isn’t the same as answering them, as you can see int eh clip below.

Watch as MP Mark Strahl tries to get real answers out of Trudeau, and Trudeau instead replies with condescension and evasion.

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Spencer Fernando