CBC WASTE: Despite $1 BILLION Budget, Trudeau Gave Them $500K For “We Are Canada” Show

CBC gets a massive $1 billion payment from taxpayers every year. But that wasn’t enough for government bureaucrats.

They wanted an extra $1 million for the We Are Canada series which ran on CBC.

Instead of telling them to use the money they already had, the Trudeau government caved. Heritage Minister Melanie Joly gave them $500,000 more in taxpayer money to produce the show.

It seems CBC’s appetite for taxpayer money has no limits.

As reported by the Globe & Mail, “The CBC received more than a billion dollars of direct federal funding last year. The 2016 Liberal budget pledged another $675-million over five years to help the organization adapt to new digital technologies, as news organizations across the country face declining advertising revenue and changing markets.”

So, not only was $1 billion a year from taxpayers not enough for CBC, but an extra $675 million wasn’t enough either.

They always want more.

Selfish Elites

The selfish elites at the top of government and the CBC are totally isolated from the Canadian people. They don’t care about how people are struggling in the weak economy. They just want more and more of our taxpayer money funneled to their pet projects – without our consent of course.

We’re forced to pay, they take the money, and then they come back looking for more.

It’s time for that to end.

The CBC should survive based on voluntary donations and advertising in the private market, not taxpayer money.

They’ve showed they can’t even effectively spend the massive amount of money they get, and when they do use it, they spend it on pro-Trudeau and pro-government propaganda.

Taxpayers shouldn’t be paying for that. That money should be staying in our pockets, where it belongs.

Spencer Fernando

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Lian Walton

The CBC is and always has been a showcase for losers like Gomachi , Wallen and many others like them who could not make it in the real world – without this mind blowing federal funding the CBC would surely perish – they do not even have the remote vote excuse anymore with real entertainment and news easier available – like this medium for example – cut them loose and see how long they survive raising funds to operate like so many other operators – wouldn’t matter – who watches anyway ?

Rick Churchill

A voice of reason concerning the “vast wasteland.” And few things in Canada are more vast or wasteful of public money than the self-indulgent, elitist CBC. If the right Conservative is elected to lead the Party, then Spencer, and all of us who agree with him, will finally be heard.




If we left it up to the private sector, all we’d be seeing of Canada is what the corporate culture would want us to see. Include in that the news. The CBC actually takes risks and yes some failures, but what of the winners? Amanda Lang was able to go to private sector broadcasting after learning the ropes, Red Green is sold world-wide… BTW, private broadcasters get public funding and then funnel almost everything into the US through all the shows they buy to show. CBC is run on a 1/4 of what the BBC is and serves all of… Read more »