China Unveils First Domestically Made Aircraft Carrier

China’s massive military build-up continues.

They have deployed their second aircraft carrier, and the first to have been domestically constructed.

The ship – currently designated as Type 001A – is not considered to be a threat to more advanced US aircraft carriers, but it does represent step forward for China’s navy.

As China Researcher Juliette Genevaz told the AFP, the ship is a “technological leap” for China, and will lead the more domestically built carriers in the future.

China’s military strength is expanding

As China strengthens their military, much of the Western world is going in the opposite direction. To get a sense of how rapidly China is expanding their armed forces, take a look at the chart below.

China Military Build-Up Chart
Graphic: AFP Photo/Gal Roma

Clearly, the Western democracies must do more to strengthen our own defences, in order to maintain a favourable balance of power now, and in the future.

WATCH: Launch of new Chinese aircraft carrier

Spencer Fernando