NDP Surges To 10 Point Lead Over Liberals In BC, Greens In Third

With two weeks to go until Election Day, the BC New Democratic Party has opened up a ten point lead over the governing Liberals.

The results are a marked contrast from previous surveys which have shown a nearly tied race.

Here are the results of the Mainstreet/Postmedia Poll:

British Columbia Provincial Election Survey

(percentage change from previous survey)

NDP: 44% (+5)

Liberal: 34% (-3)

Green: 22% (+2)

Of note, the NDP leads by 16 points in the Metro Vancouver area – home to half of BC’s ridings.

16 years of baggage

The BC Liberals have accumulated 16 years of political baggage, and are under fire over a massive surge in foreign property speculation that took place on their watch. Criticism surrounding political donations from big foreign corporations, and a rise in the cost of living that has overwhelmed the wage gains of many residents, have also contributed to a tough re-election environment for the governing party.

That said, as someone who has lived in a province that experienced prolonged NDP rule, the grass is not always greener on the other side. The NDP in Manitoba massively increased our debt, expanded the size of government, and increased our taxes dramatically. All the while, the middle class has continued to struggle and poverty remains high.

Alberta can also point to the dangers of the NDP. While the initial economic crisis in the province was due to falling oil prices, the provincial NDP has made things far worse by putting increased taxes and restrictions on consumers and the energy industry, all while increasing the debt at a rapid pace.

Still two weeks left

It still remains to be seen whether the NDP can hold onto their lead. History provides some reasons to doubt whether they can maintain their advantage in the homestretch.

With about two weeks left in the last BC election, Christy Clark trailed the NDP by about 20%. She ended up winning a majority government. That’s why this election is far from over, and Clark shouldn’t be counted out yet.

Spencer Fernando 

Photo – YouTube