PHOTO FAIL: Trudeau Takes Picture With Former VP Of Terrorist Group

Justin Trudeau’s love of selfies and photo-ops has come back to haunt him.

He was photographed with Veluppillai Thangavelu – the former Vice-President of the World Tamil Movement – designated as an outlawed terrorist group by the Canadian government.

As reported by “Thangavelu, who was a senior official in the World Tamil Movement when it was the target of an RCMP investigation, posted a photo on Facebook showing he and Trudeau in Toronto last month.”

Thangavelu says he had a “brief conversation” with Trudeau.

A member of Trudeau’s staff tweeted a separate photo of the event – a photo which included Thangavelu. The photo included the caption “Good people.”

The RCMP has found that the World Tamil Movement is the top Canadian front group for the Tamil Tigers terrorist organization.

In 2006, the police raided the HQ of the World Tamil Movement, and found evidence of “terrorist financing,” including efforts to raise money to purchase weapons.

It is also known that the World Tamil Movement used tactics of “intimidation and extortion,” to get money from Tamils living outside of Sri Lanka.

Poor judgement

Trudeau’s photo with Thangavelu took place while Trudeau was campaigning in the Markham by-election. Prime Minister’s don’t usually campaign in by-elections, but as always, Trudeau put the interests of his party ahead of serving Canadians.

In the mad scramble for votes, Trudeau and his team were probably happy to get as many photos as possible, and wanted to rack up as many selfies as they could – even if they included people formerly involved in a terror group. It’s a disturbing example of putting politics ahead of integrity and security.

Unfortunately, it’s no real surprise that this lapse in judgement occurred. Trudeau has shown himself willing to say anything and pander to anyone for votes.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Facebook