Trudeau Government REPEALS Policy That Fought Immigration Marriage Fraud

Trudeau never misses an opportunity to weaken our immigration system

Justin Trudeau has shown zero willingness to stand up for Canada and protect either our borders, or the integrity of our immigration system. Now, he is weakening the system even further.

Trudeau is repealing a policy passed by the previous Conservative government that cracked down on marriage fraud in the immigration system.

The program started in October of 2012, and it required immigrants to live with the spouse who sponsored them for two years once they arrived in Canada. Those who did not meet the requirement were subject to deportation.

The rules were designed to crack down on marriage fraud and marriages of convenience. In marriage fraud cases, people convince a Canadian to marry them, come to Canada, and then end the marriages once they have secured their status here. In marriages of convenience, a couple will pretend they are in a genuine relationship so that one can sponsor the other to enter into Canada. Oftentimes, the fake marriages are arranged in return for payment.

Now, there is nothing stopping our immigration system from being taken advantage of once again.

A serious blow to the integrity of our immigration system

Some had criticized the conservative rules, saying they could lead to people being stuck in abusive relationships. However, the rules had explicit exemptions for people in abusive situations. Those who were abused or neglected by their sponsor could exit the relationship without losing their status in Canada. While critics said some immigrants didn’t understand the exemption rules, the answer to that problem is to increase efforts to make those rules clear and ensure everyone is aware of their rights.

The Trudeau government could easily have spent some of the billions they give to foreign aid or the CBC on helping educate newcomers on the exemption rules. Instead, they scrapped the rules entirely.

Once again, Trudeau is weakening the integrity of our laws and scrapping the rules that govern our country. Whoever’s interest he is acting in, it’s certainly not the Canadian people.

Spencer Fernando