Trudeau’s Globalist Policies Put Canada In A Dangerously Weak Position

Canada cannot control every decision made by the United States government. What we can control is the competitive position we put ourselves in, and how strong we are internally as we deal with a more unstable and uncertain world.

This is where we must face the fact that Justin Trudeau and his misguided policies have put Canada in a dangerously weak position.

It now appears that despite all government “efforts,” we are embroiled in a trade war with the United States. While much of this may be Trump’s tactic of setting a dramatic opening position for negotiations, Canada could face economic difficulties if our trade relationship with the United States weakens.

As I said, Canada can’t control what Trump does. But in the areas we can control, Trudeau has made big mistakes.

Trudeau’s first big mistake was to force a carbon tax on Canadians. This makes our economy far less competetive, and takes more money out of the pockets of consumers.

It will hurt economic growth, and slow our economy down in both the short and long-term. This comes at the same time the United States is making their economy more competitive, which gives them a far greater advantage over us in the endless competition for investment and jobs.

Trudeau’s second big mistake is expanding the government at the expense of Canadian taxpayers. As the government gets larger, more money is being directed into less efficient uses. That money is taken from Canadians, who are already overtaxed and struggling with a high debt load and stagnant wages.

This damages the consumer engine of our economy, weakening the strength of our domestic market. That forces us to rely even more on exports, which – as we are finding out – are subject to the whims of other nations.

Trudeau’s third mistake is more subtle, but it could have long-term consequences. He is a globalist, focused on winning international praise and attention rather than stand up for the interests of Canada.

Sure, he will say all the right things about protecting various industries as they are challenged by the United States, but his default position is to always favour global institutions over Canadian workers. This is what drives the carbon tax, the expansion of the bureaucracy, and the political correctness that we see emanating from the Trudeau government.

The problem with the globalist outlook is that it robs a leader of the strength of character and toughness they need to fight for the best interests of their nation. Playing nice may feel good, but our nation needs leadership that is willing to look for every opportunity to strengthen Canada and give our people a better future.

Justin Trudeau has not shown that strength, and his continued insistence on following economically destructive policies puts the prosperity of all Canadians at risk.

Spencer Fernando

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With your foresight I do believe you should go immediately in to politics. Journalism may be your passion but we could sure use your truth talk and patriotism right now.

Lian Walton

Interesting you say that Pat – an earlier comment of mine with regards to our Spencer was ‘Spencer for PM’ – what a breath of fresh air he is .


Brilliant idea!!!!!!!!!!!

Lian Walton

Of course Globalism is his mandate – every move he has made points to it – it occurs to me that he finds the workings of this government quite boring – also boring is the concerns of those loyal to Canada and those who would protect our identity – he has as much as said so – at a time when the rest of the world is waking up to the threat that is islam he has weakened our borders and will not enforce laws already in place – Leitch has lowered herself to make enforcing those laws a part… Read more »

Alan Skelhorne

i would take dr. kellie leitch over any of those other money grabbers, mr. o,leary likes the immigration laws that the idiot is doing. this country needs a smart n strong patriot.until then, we will slowly drift into another third world country. as for trudeau, he is only following orders from his boss, george soros, and if you don,t believe me, google up george soros plan for canada. sad but true.. for trudeau, he just wants his seat at the un,.


I agree with all you say except for Dr. Leitch.
She’s nice enough but, first of all, she wouldn’t be able to beat Trudeau. The ability to beat Trudeau is the number 1 talent required in choosing a Conservative leader.
It’s a must. I agree regarding O’Leary. He doesn’t give a damn about Canada and couldn’t beat Trudeau either.
We’re lucky to have so many good candidates to choose from.

Rick Churchill

We have all seen what little regard Trudeau has for Canada. What continues to amaze me is the fact that rank and file Liberal representatives, elected in good faith by their constituents, continue to kowtow to their leader at the expense of their own integrity and the trust that was placed in them. Is there a single Liberal with both conscience and backbone?


“………..Justin Trudeau and his misguided policies have put Canada in a dangerously weak position.”

This statement is actually a compliment to Trudeau, considering he is enacting “purposeful incompetence” in bringing Canada to ruins. Not misguided at all. Deliberate.