ENTITLED: Trudeau & Politicians Raise Their Own Salaries

While taxpayers struggle with stagnant wages, the political elites in Ottawa are getting a raise

Canadian workers are struggling. Under the Trudeau government, wage growth is at its lowest in two decades. Wages are growing more slowly than inflation, meaning many Canadians are getting poorer every year.

However, the political elites in Ottawa are not sharing in that struggle.

MP’s wages are increasing by 1.4% this year, bringing the base MP pay to $172,700.

Prime Minister Trudeau makes the base wage, plus another $172,700 on top. His now makes $340,800 per year.

All of this is paid for with taxpayer money.

Trudeau – and the leader of the Opposition – also get a $2,000 car allowance.

Members of the Senate are getting raises of 1.6%, bringing their salary to $147,700.

Politicians’ wage hikes bigger than they seem

Life is different for the Ottawa elites. Politicians are not effected by inflation the same way most Canadians are. In addition to their pay, politicians get Per Diems – a daily allowance for food which is paid for by taxpayers. Those Per Diems are in addition to their salary. They also get travel allowances.

So, they don’t feel the impact of rising food or travel costs in the same way – though their families at home are still impacted.

But Canadian workers don’t get any break from the rising cost of living. We always feel the impact of inflation. Once again, there’s one economy for those in power, and another economy for the rest of us.

Trudeau could have cancelled pay hikes

In the aftermath of the Great Recession, Stephen Harper froze his pay, and the pay of all House of Commons & Senate members for three years. It was Harper’s way of having the government show leadership in a tough economy.

Justin Trudeau – who loves talking about the middle class – could have done the same thing.

Instead, he is happy getting even more taxpayer money in his bank account.

Once again, Trudeau is showing that he serves the elites, not the Canadian people. He could have set his own positive example, instead he has chosen to raise his own salary, and the salaries of all politicians.


Spencer Fernando