TERRIBLE: Trudeau Liberals REJECTED Military Request For More Funding

Canada’s military is badly under-funded. Our defence spending as a percentage of GDP has fallen to the lowest in modern history – just 0.88%. Under normal circumstances, this would be a priority for the government.

These aren’t normal circumstances.

While the Trudeau government has claimed they will provide the military with what they need, it appears that is totally false.

As John Ivison writes in the National Post, the Trudeau liberals appear to be at odds with the military on spending. According to Ivison, “Multiple sources say that the military submitted its plan to the federal cabinet only to have it sent back to the department for some pruning.”

While all of this happens behind the scenes, it is very important to bring it to light. The Canadian military is clearly saying they need more funding to do their job, but the government is refusing to give that funding. Instead, the government just keeps on gutting the military, cancelling $8.4 billion in planned equipment spending.

As Ivison points out, the military budget under Trudeau has also reached a new low when compared to total government spending. Just 6.11% of our budget is spent on the military.

Just as bad, the military reportedly needs “more than $2 billion in new money, just to maintain current operations.”

Trudeau may send troops into danger without increasing their funding

Beyond budget numbers, there could be a real human cost the under-funding of our military.

The Trudeau government has promised to send troops to Africa for “peacekeeping,” while over 800 are involved in anti-ISIS operations. We also have troops in Latvia.

All of those soldiers are being potentially put in harms way. That’s why our government has a solemn duty to make sure they have the best funding possible. If the military is saying they need more funding, and if reports show $2 billion more is need just to maintain what is already being done, clearly our troops are being put at additional risk.

The way Trudeau has treated our military is disgraceful. It is completely unacceptable that the government somehow has billions to give away in foreign aid, but keeps nickle-and-diming our troops – even when they are in danger.

We must spread the word of this injustice, and make as many Canadians aware of what is happening to our military. Canada’s men and women in uniform always have our backs, it’s time for us to have theirs.

Spencer Fernando

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Allen Trowsdale

Just like all his promises which amount to nothing.
Have him serve in the military and see what damage he is doing to our great men in the service.
When our military needs funding in these times of to protect us due to Trumps actions abroad .
Can we protect our country using sling shots alone NO.
Get him out of power now before he destroys us and our Canada.

Alan Skelhorne

trumps actions, i see you have no clue what is going on in this country. forget about trump, take a look at trudeaus boss george soros, all u have to do is google up george soros plans for canada. then maybe, you can worry about trump.


Out of sight Out of mind let other nations tend to our soldiers needs’ has always been the liberal dialogue. And whoever voted for Justin like the veterans did deserves what they get. They didn’t like what PMSH did and gave them so they decided that Justin was better. Well, they got what they wanted ‘NOTHING’

And, if you think that the media are suddenly going to side with them(military) against Trudeau like they did when PMSH was in government, it is not going to happen. You are on your own soldiers just like the rest of us.


my thoughts exactly !!! liberals out …


Spencer you are very knowledgable in politics. Is there really nothing the Canadian people can do. This guy needs to go before he ruins this beautiful country.

Teresa Scott Bolen

Just like Obama under Soros…deplete the military on purpose so a global agenda is easier to achieve by anyone who wants to move in on a defenseless country. Trudeau is a traitor.