BARBARIC: Saudi Man Sentenced To Death For Tweet “Insulting” Islam

Saudi Arabia has sentenced Ahmad Al-Shamri to death.

His “crime?”

Tweets criticizing Islam and Muhammad.

In 2014, Al-Shamri was visited by the Saudi religious police after his tweets were brought to government attention. Despite saying he had a mental disorder, was high, and was drunk at time of the tweets, Al-Shamri was brought to trial.

However, during Al-Shamri’s “trial” the focus was reportedly on Koranic law, without any real discussion of mental health, and he was found guilty of being an atheist.

This is considered “Apostasy” in Saudi Arabia, and the country imposes death for that “crime.”

Al-Shamri will either be beheaded or shot.

According to the Washington Post, “Most of the sentences are based on Koranic law, not a penal code, and Coogle said judges and prosecutors have almost unlimited leeway “not only to decide cases, but what constitutes a criminal offense in the first place. Sometimes it is just a description of your behavior.”

Once again, silence from Trudeau and the elites

Ahmad Al-Shamri’s death sentence is an outrage against liberty and human rights.

But once again, our politically correct elites are silent. No condemnation, no tweets from Trudeau. Saudi Arabia gets a clean pass for their barbaric actions.

The hypocrisy is sickening.

Spencer Fernando

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