RISK: Trudeau Weakening Refugee Screening Measures For Dangerous Countries

Refugee claimants from Syria, Iraq, Pakistan, and Eritrea could be approved without a real hearing

A dangerous move by the Trudeau government could weaken our immigration system and potentially put Canadians at risk.

As first reported by Candice Malcolm “The Trudeau government is planning to quietly introduce new measures to rubber-stamp the approval of many asylum seekers — including people from dangerous and war-torn countries who may pose a threat to Canada’s national security.”

Under the new rules, those who come from countries where 80% or more of the applicants are approved, could go through a new “short hearing process,” which would be based on a paper-only application. There may be no in-person hearing at all.

This could be very dangerous.

While many who come from those countries pose no threat, those nations are incredibly unstable and have many extremists within. A strict, formal hearing process is necessary to keep Canadians safe. By doing away with those hearings, Trudeau puts Canadians at risk.

As Malcolm points out, “countries with high acceptance rates for refugees, such as Pakistan and Syria, also tend to have significant numbers of claims rejected for national security reasons, including individuals affiliated with terrorist organizations and those wanted for war crimes.”

Disturbingly, Malcolm writes that a Canadian immigration official (speaking anonymously of course), said he was “a bit uncomfortable with this (approving without full hearings),” and said “some bad dudes come from these countries.” 

Trudeau opens up Canadians to danger

This must be part of Trudeau’s “open” worldview: Opening Canada up to danger. The government doesn’t even want us talking about this, since they posted it quietly in a vaguely worded online statement.

Here’s part of that statement:

Furthermore, under a new process, certain claims identified by the RPD as straight forward will be scheduled for a short hearing before an RPD member. The expectation is that a substantial majority of these claims will be finalized at the end of the short hearing. The provision to grant refugee protection to certain claims without a hearing will remain.

Countries which have an acceptance rate at the RPD of approximately 80 percent or higher will be the first to be considered for inclusion in the new short hearing process.

Despite the careful “government-style” wording, this could have a very damaging impact on our national security.

Once again, Trudeau is betraying our country, and putting the interests of foreign countries ahead of the Canadian people. He shows no judgement, and no respect for our security.

Trudeau is working for somebody, but it’s not us.

Spencer Fernando


*Candice Malcolm has great reporting on the Trudeau government. Follow her on Twitter here.